5 ways to have fun in the sun with your pal


Don’t let your dog be a couch potato this summer. Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean he should say cooped up in your nice cool, air conditioned home. While he shouldn’t be outside for extended periods of time, if you keep him properly hydrated he’ll stay fit while having fun with these five fun summer activities.

Ultimate Frisbee

Make your dog an ultimate champion this summer! Playing Frisbee is an inexpensive and fun way to keep your dog active in the summer. No matter where you are  the beach, the park, even in your own backyard teach your pal to leap through the air to make a perfect catch. You’ll build his confidence and stamina while helping him get fit. Plus, it will do wonders for your arms! If your dog is already a champion or you want to challenge him a bit more, find a Disc Dog Club in your area.


If you have an active, energetic dog he’ll love the great outdoors. Once you’ve proven he is travel ready, pack up the whole family and head to your favorite place to camp out. Be sure to research the campgrounds and make sure there are no harmful plants or insects that will make him sick in the camping area. Take your pal on hikes and explore new areas. Plus, if you are camping in an RV and own a PetSafe Wireless Fence you can contain your pal on your trip! Simply bring your Transmitter, Receiver and Boundary Flags with you to make sure he doesn’t run away.


This summer let your dog enjoy his day poolside. If he loves swimming let him lounge in style in a dog pool float. If your dog can’t swim or you prefer to keep him in shallow water, set up a kiddy pool or even clean out an old plastic or stainless steel tub and fill it up with nice, cold water. Your dog will love splashing around and keeping cool in his own special doggie pool!

Summer School

The thought of summer school may make you groan, but summer is a great time to send your pal back to school. Summer is a great time to teach your dog his boundaries in your yard. Do you have a garden he isn’t allowed to play in? A plant he isn’t allowed to eat? Do you live near a busy road? Plus, you can freshen up his understanding of basic commands and so much more.

Treats on a dog day afternoon

On those hot, sticky days of summer it’s hard to even fathom going outside. It’s even harder to make yourself workout in that heat. Instead of sweating the day away playing Frisbee or mastering a ring jump, go on a picnic! Treat yourself to a nice cool bowl of frozen yogurt and grab your pal one as well. Many pet-friendly fro-yo and Italian ice shops, like select Rita’s Water Ice stores, offer a special doggie bowls to keep your pal cool. Then head to his favorite park to enjoy your treats and play in the sun!

Keep in mind that your pet may not be able to handle diary foods. Also, be sure to ask about sugar content in the frozen treat before giving it to your pal. “Sugar-free” options can be extremely harmful to your dog. Most sugar-free items use artificial sweeteners, such as xylitol, which are extremely dangerous for your pal to consume.


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  1. Robert Wilson says:

    I signed up to your blog rss feed. Will you post more on the subject?

    • Lindsey says:

      Thanks, Robert! We’ll have a lot more content like this in the future. We typically post three blogs a week with topics like wellness, training and fun things to do with your pet.

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