FroliCat TWITCH Available Today


We are excited to announce  our latest addition to the FroliCat™ lines of pet toys.  Following one of Global Pet Expo’s Best in Show winners, the BOLT™ automatic laser toy, is TWITCH™ with the “I Can Play While You Are Away”™ mode. TWITCH™ automatically bounces and swings a teaser toy to entice your cat during a single 10-minute play session or multiple pre-scheduled play sessions throughout the day. Simply place TWITCH™ on a shelf or table allowing the teaser toys to hang down, and let your cat have at it.

“We are thrilled with all the excitement TWITCH™ has already received and truly believe there is nothing like it on the market today,” said Alan Cook, President and CEO.

Replacement teasers are available for purchase as well.  Please visit to watch a video of TWITCH™ in action or obtain more information on FroliCat toys.

If you are a blogger, product reviewer or journalist and would like a sample for TWITCH for review, please contact us at

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11 Responses to FroliCat TWITCH Available Today

  1. Shelly Decker says:

    I could not figure out how to enter the sweepstakes :(

  2. Sophia Lepore says:

    Entering to win the sweepstakes for the FroliTwitch. I have two awesome cats at home Zeus and Athena and they already love their other Frolicat toy. We think this would be a great addition since we work most of the day.

  3. Carol Lawman says:

    My kitty would be wild for this!

  4. Susan Coon says:

    I have 4 rescue carts and would definitely like to have one of those

  5. Kathy Pearlman says:

    My cat might like this, but she’s very mean to the toys she does like – she destroyed the Fling-ama-String and is blase about the Bolt laser.

  6. Sharon says:

    My cats would love it!!! This looks like a wonderful toy. Hope I win

  7. Paulette King says:

    Looks like a fun toy for my baby!!!!!!

  8. SCHERRIE says:


  9. Marilyn Cusick says:

    I have six cats and they would love that

  10. Paula Corman says:

    I have two cats and I know they would love this new toy.
    I know that I would love watching them play. It would be better for them to play than to sleep all day.

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