Win a FroliCat TWITCH!


We are happy to announce that the FroliCat™ TWITCH™ is now available for sale at    The  TWITCH™, the latest in our line of interactive pet toys,  automatically bounces and swings an enticing teaser toy for your cat.  With the “I Can Play While You Are Away”™ mode. TWITCH™ will entice your cat during a single 10-minute play session or multiple pre-scheduled play sessions throughout the day. Simply place TWITCH™ on a shelf or table allowing the teaser toys to hang down, and let your cat have at it.

In celebration of the launch of our latest cat toy, we will be giving away 20 TWITCH™ toys over the next four weeks.  To enter to win the FroliCat™ TWITCH™, go to our Facebook page sweepstakes entry form or visit

Good luck!

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