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Does your pet have a drinking problem?

Fresh, clean water is vital to your pet’s health and if he’s not getting enough now, how will he stay hydrated in the summer sun? Importance of hydration About 80% of your pet’s body is made up of water. This … Continue reading


The Bean and The Bear

The profanity flies out of my mouth at a high volume. The smell is pungent. The damage: TOTAL. The culprits are safely nuzzled on the foot of the bed, lounging with my wife. I hear her voice from downstairs, “What … Continue reading

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Win a FroliCat TWITCH!

We are happy to announce that the FroliCat™ TWITCH™ is now available for sale at    The  TWITCH™, the latest in our line of interactive pet toys,  automatically bounces and swings an enticing teaser toy for your cat.  With the … Continue reading

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FroliCat TWITCH Available Today

We are excited to announce  our latest addition to the FroliCat™ lines of pet toys.  Following one of Global Pet Expo’s Best in Show winners, the BOLT™ automatic laser toy, is TWITCH™ with the “I Can Play While You Are … Continue reading