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Travel Woes: What to do if your pet goes missing on vacation

We helped you get your dog ready for vacation and even told you what you should bring, but what do you do if something terrible happens while you are away? Millions of companion pets go missing each year. Whether he … Continue reading

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What I Didn't Learn Training Chickens

By Michelle Mullins, CPDT-KA I have now been to chicken training camp twice, with trainer Terry Ryan of Legacy Canine Behavior and Training .  If you would like to learn more about Chicken Camp, click here to read a blog entry from … Continue reading

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The Bean and The Bear

My wife and I like watching TV while sharing a bowl of popcorn. Of course, the Bean and the Bear enjoy this time as well. They are usually curled up by our feet, and the Bean will occasionally meander towards … Continue reading

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Clicker Fever

By Emily Dennison Hello! I’m a Marketing Product Manager at Premier® Pet Products. I’m not a professional trainer. Ok, I’m not even a dog owner. I’ve attempted clicker training once – at Terry Ryan’s Chicken Camp. It was a blast! … Continue reading

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Make treat time more enjoyable!

Say goodbye to messy, high-calorie dog treats and give your dog a real treat: the Lickety Stik. This no muss, no fuss dog treat is not only mess free and easy to take with you on the go, it is … Continue reading

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Summer Movie Madness: Learning from pets in film

I’ve always been a bit of a movie-buff. Back in the day (which I find slightly ridiculous to say since I’m in my early 20s) before Netflix, Red Box and $10 movie tickets everyone knew where to find me on … Continue reading

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Poultry In Motion

By Terry Ryan Why are animal trainers all over the world training CHICKENS?? To date trainers from more than 25 different countries have visited Washington State for a round of chicken training.  Why would the FBI or US Customs and Border … Continue reading

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