Make treat time more enjoyable!


Say goodbye to messy, high-calorie dog treats and give your dog a real treat: the Lickety Stik. This no muss, no fuss dog treat is not only mess free and easy to take with you on the go, it is also a very low calorie treat. The 500 lick Lickety bottle only contains 15 calories, meaning you won’t have to worry about your pal over indulging.

A great tool for training your dog, reward your pal with a few licks as he successfully learns new tricks. It can be hard to properly give your pal a traditional treat while training. You only have a few seconds to pull a treat out of your pocket and training with treats in your hand can distract your dog from learning. With the Lickety Stik, you simply have to pick it up and let your pal have a few licks.

Not only is this a great training tool, The Lickety Stik also helps build the bond between you and your pal. When you literally throw a dog a bone he isn’t necessarily recognizing that you are showing him that you appreciate him. When you give him a lick of Lickety he is standing right there with you, understanding that you are the one showing him gratitude and love.

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