The Ingenuity of FroliCat/RouseDog Customers

FroliCat DART/RouseDog

Lucy plays with a RouseDog mounted on a Roomba

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention!  When one of our customers needed to get a bit more exercise in for his dog, Lucy, he turned to the dog’s favorite toy and his own favorite household gadget.  Tim H. sent us this picture of Lucy chasing the FroliCat DART/RouseDog mounted on top of a Roomba automatic vacuum.   The FroliCat DART/RouseDog is a programmable laser toy for dogs and cats that has 16 different play combinations.  By setting the laser speed and adjusting the timer on FroliCat DART/RouseDog, Tim was able to customize the play session to Lucy’s liking.   The addition of the Roomba ensures Lucy stays on her paws.

Thanks to Tim H. for sending us a photo of Lucy.  Have a video or photo of your pet using a FroliCat toy?  If so, post it on our Facebook page.

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