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Surviving Pet Loss

 By Janet Velenovsky National Pet Memorial Day is the 2nd Sunday of each September. This year, that happens to fall on 9/11.  As we reflect on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, most of us are revisiting periods of loss and … Continue reading

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New Pet Guide: How To Survive The First Week Together

By Jim Tedford, Director of Pet Identification One of the biggest threats to the human-animal bond involves unrealistic expectations on the part of pet owners. Too often, people assume that a newly adopted pet instinctively knows exactly what his new … Continue reading


The 5 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems

By Dean Vickers, Director of Animal Welfare Studies and Education at Radio Systems Corporation Does your dog constantly bark?  Chew?  Dig? Chase?  Have faith, my friend, you are not alone. This is a guideline for helping you, as a new … Continue reading


Celebrating Working Dogs This Labor Day

Every year Labor Day weekend gives us a much needed break from work to enjoy the last few days of summer. However, one very important breed of hard workers never take a day off: service dogs. Service dogs are born … Continue reading

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No No, Bad Trainer!

by Michelle Mullins My duties for Premier include, among other things, blogging, providing training tips for Facebook, developing fit and use instructions for products, and educating staff and consumers on these products. It appears I have my act together as … Continue reading

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The Worst Thing About Pet Ownership

As a pet mom, there is nothing that makes my stomachs sink faster than getting the call from the veterinarian saying there are concerns about my dogs’ health. That’s what happened last week following Lincoln’s biyearly vet visit. His blood came … Continue reading