Trick or treat?

Some of our canine associates showed up ready to celebrate Halloween in the office today, and we wanted to share their costumes with you.

Bao the bee from Travis V in Legal Services


Dakota the grapes from Tracy C in Sales Support


Denver the chicken from Joy S in Customer Care


Ozzie the moose from Christina S in Invisible Fence


Patches the pumpkin from Jen D in Invisible Fence


Dagny the bee from Samantha C in Invisible Fence


J'Maul the sunflower from Dean V in Animal Welfare Studies


Ellie Mae as Snow White from Jennie H in Marketing


Gizmo the sailor from Jillian N in Invisible Fence


Brody the pirate from Ted K in Invisible Fence


Bella the Statue of Liberty from Tanjia D in Training

What are you dressing your pet as tonight?

Be sure to keep them away from the candy bowl, but treat them to an extra cookie or few licks on the Lickety Stik.


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