12 Days of Christmas – PetSafe style – winners


Earlier this month we kicked off our 12 Days of Christmas holiday contest, which asked bloggers to rewrite the 12 Days of Christmas carol and make it pet friendly. We are thrilled to announce the winners and release the song we composed from their submission. Here’s the song:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, PetSafe gave to me

TWELVE Lickety Stiks






ELEVEN Poles-a-weaving








TEN seconds sleeping 







 NINE Christmas cookies







EIGHT dog boots digging

(Photo courtesy of mountainridge.estoreadvance.biz)







SEVEN miles-a-hiking

(Photo courtesy of hikingadventures.net)







SIX Smartdoors opening






FIVE tennis balls

(Photo courtesy of doggielove86)







FOUR squeaky ducks









THREE Milk Bones








TWO belly rubs









and a slow squirrel in a fruit tree!




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