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Take it Easy

By Michelle Mullins with contributions by Nicole Backus   On a visit to Alaska a few years ago, I visited Happy Trails Kennels,  the home of Martin Buser and his amazing sled dogs. Martin is a 4 time Iditarod … Continue reading

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The Healthy Hound and Frisky Feline: Protecting your pet from the flu

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist January hasn’t been too cold here in Knoxville, and it doesn’t seem too many people have been sick. Yet, I have been extra careful about germs this month because I forgot to get … Continue reading


Fan Photo Friday: Chloe, Cooper, Coty, Murphy and Katie

                                                                                … Continue reading

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

By Laura Potts, Digital Marketing Specialist at PetSafe Are dogs’ personalities’ nature or nurture? I used to think dogs were sweet, hyper, or ball-obsessed because they were born that way. There wasn’t much we could do to change that. That’s … Continue reading


Introducing Your Family Pet To "The Stork"

By Mandie Sweetnam   The Dog vs. Stork rivalry is one that’s been around since Lady and The Tramp, and surely longer than that. The family dog or cat starts out as the center of attention and then comes baby, … Continue reading

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Theo’s Remote Trainer Success Story

By Andrick Buggs, PetSafe Video Coordinator At PetSafe, we know firsthand our Remote Trainers enhance pet parents’ relationship with their furry children. Not only do the trainers help owners interrupt unwanted behavior like jumping or barking, they also give your … Continue reading

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Can We Really Trust Remote Trainers?

Several people question whether or not our Remote Trainers work and what effect they have on our dogs. We recently hired a new Category Manager for Remote Training and he has brought a fresh set of eyes to the products. Below, he also answered many of … Continue reading


The World According to Cooper: New plans for a New Year!

By Stacie Greene, Supply Chain Specialist at PetSafe Hi everybody! It’s me, Cooper.  I hope everyone has had a happy holiday season and is excited to start a brand new year.  I know I am. Now I am 1 whole … Continue reading

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Can You Hear Me Now?

By Mandie Sweetnam     We’ve all been there or seen it. A dog owner – maybe it’s you or maybe it was someone you saw at the dog park – asking their dog to sit. It starts out innocent … Continue reading

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The 5 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems: Begging

By Dean Vickers Alright, I confess my dogs are terrible beggers.  Depending on the amount and type of food being solicited, begging is really a harmless behavior.  It is annoying at times and guests aren’t always willing to overlook this … Continue reading