The Ultimate Gift for Cats & Cat Owners

FroliCat Bundle

FroliCat Bolt, Sway, Twitch & additional teaser bundle

Looking for a unique gift for a cat owner?  Or maybe you want to treat your own cat(s) with a special toy.   Then you will want to check out FroliCat‘s latest promotional bundle offer.  Get the FroliCat Bolt, FroliCat Twitch, FroliCat Sway, and a pack of replacement teasers for just $49.99 (retail value $64.80).  That’s a discount of 22% plus you get free shipping on this limited time offer.

These three enticing cat toys will keep the kitties in your life active and entertained for hours.  For more information on this bundle, go to or check out FroliCat’s Facebook page for testimonials from our happy customers!


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