Fan Photo Friday: Butchie and Tbone


Butchie from Anne L


T-Bone from Rachel B

What are you and your pets doing this weekend? We hope you have a great one. Stay warm!
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2 Responses to Fan Photo Friday: Butchie and Tbone

  1. Anne says:

    Trying to stay warm! Supposed to be nasty winter weather here and we’ve had unusually WARM weather.. daffodils are blooming… so if it should happen to warm up a bit, we’ll be burning brush and having a big bonfire so I’d say the dogs will all be out there “helping”!

  2. Natalie Lester says:

    Anne, we hope you had a great weekend. It was a little chilly, so maybe you didn’t get your bonfire built. I’m sure you and the dogs were still cuddly on the counch though!

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