How to Find the Right Containment System for you in 5 Minutes


By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist

With the sunshine beaming outside, your dog is dreaming of his time in the yard and you’re stressing about how you will keep her safe all summer long. Spring is the perfect time to consider and prepare for your containment options, and you will find an in-ground or wireless fence is one of the best choices.

PetSafe Containment Systems can make the warmer weather more relaxing and stress-free by keeping your pet in your yard.

In-ground and wireless options are almost 15 times cheaper than the average cost of a traditional fence. Plus, they don’t block off your view from the rest of the world. You can keep your furry friend safe in your yard, but there are so many choices. How will you ever decide? Don’t worry – we’re here to help and we’ve compiled a quick list to help you find just the right system for you. Best of all, it should take you under five minutes to choose.

When planning for a PetSafe Containment System, there are three factors you should consider.

1. What is the size and shape of the area you want to contain? The Stay + Play wireless fence creates a circular boundary up to 3/4 of an acre and is often the best choice for smaller yards. With in-ground fence like the Deluxe In-Ground Fence you can customize the shape of the containment size up to 1/3 of an acre. Either coverage area can be expanded. With the Stay + Play or Original Wireless Fence, you just have to purchase an additional transmitter. In-ground systems can be expanded with the purchase of additional wire and flags. Your coverage can grow up to 10 or 25 acres depending on which fence you choose. So, before you purchase consider what system works best for your yard’s size and shape.

2. How much time do you have for installation? You can easily set up a wireless system in an hour or two. You will need to find a central location for your transmitter near a power outlet. You can either mount the transmitter or set it on a flat, dry surface. After you plug it in, adjust the size of the size of the boundaries, charge the Receiver Collar, and test the system. An in-ground fence is more of a day project. You will first mount the transmitter and lay out the wire where you plan to create your boundaries. Test the system and then bury the wire.

3. What Correction Level do your pets need? Regardless of the system, you can add as many pets as you need. Each containment system comes with one unique collar specific to that system. The Wireless and Stay + Play systems have collars with five levels of static correction and a tone-only mode. The Basic in-ground fence’s collar has one level of static correction, while the deluxe series come with four levels of static correction catered to the type of pet that will be using the collar. Both the Deluxe Little Dog and the Deluxe Cat Receiver Collars are designed to fit smaller pets. The Stubborn Dog Receiver Collar features four levels of manually adjustable correction and a tone plus vibration mode.

By considering these three things, you should be able to find the perfect containment system for you and your pet. Let us know if you have any questions, and remember – regardless of the system you choose, training time will be required for your pet! Plan to spend 10 to 15 minutes a few times a day working with your pet. With all of our systems, you will receive a step-by-step training guide to make it easy and fun.

What containment system will you choose? If you already have one, what is your favorite feature? Let us know in the comment section below!


As the PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist, Natalie manages The Paw Print blog and generates other brand related content including public relations and promotions. Before PetSafe, Natalie worked in the local media covering politics, education, and religion. She is a substitute pet owner to a German shorthaired pointer named Bedford in Abingdon, VA, Frenchy the schnoodle in Lenoir City, TN, and all the office dogs at PetSafe’s headquarters in Knoxville. As a pet lover, she is currently searching for the perfect puppy to join her home.


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67 Responses to How to Find the Right Containment System for you in 5 Minutes

  1. Chuck Gorum says:

    I just bought a house with an I.F. containment system. Are Petsafe collars compatible with my system?

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Chuck, thanks for reaching out to us! PetSafe collars do not work with Invisible Fence systems. If you call Customer Care at 1-866-738-4379, they will be able to assist you. Thanks for reading.

  2. Tara Long says:

    can the wireless receiver collar # PIF-275-19 work with the petsafe inground system?

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Tara, good question. Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, the PIF-275-19 only works with our wireless containment systems. However, the PUL-175 will work perfect with your system. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Jill says:

    I currently have a petsafe wireless fence system that works awesome. My questions is I would like to intall a wireless computer system in my home and want to know if this will interfere with my wireless fence signal? If so is there an way to work around this?

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Jill, thanks for reading and great question! A wireless internet system shouldn’t interfere with your wireless fence, but let us know if you do encounter any problems. Let us know if we can do anything else.

  4. Darold says:

    I currently have the RFA-297 transmitter, which is capable of looping 5 acres (I have it covering about 2 acres). I have been using the transmitter with two german shepherds for over two year without any problems. Recently, however, they have been rushing past the fence regularly. I have been looking into getting a couple of stubborn dog collars and a new transmitter. Will using a more powerful transmitter that can cover a larger area allow me to widen the corrective field around the underground wire beyond what my current transmitter is capable of doing? I would like to do this to ensure the dogs can’t quickly rush past the corrective “zap” again.



    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Raymond, great question! The majority of our systems offer the add-a-dog feature where you purchase a second collar and it corresponds to the transmitter in the same way. Was there a specific system you were looking at? Let us know how we can help!

  6. April Jimenez says:

    Hi, I am wondering if people who buy the pet safe containment systems register their product with you? The reason I ask is that we found a dog that followed our kids home when riding their bikes and no one in the area seems to recognize the dog. It is not microchipped nor did anyone answer to the posters we put up. IT was wearing a red pet safe collar with receiver on it.
    Thank you.

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi April! Unfortunately, we are not able to locate an owner by the receiver that the pet wears. All of the numbers are generic and are on every receiver of that particular model. We recommend checking with local veterinarians and shelters as these are the first places an owner will check.

  7. Jackie Collier says:

    Hi – We currently have an inground system for our black lab at our home but we would like to get a wireless system for our vacation home. Since that yard there is only about a quarter acre, which of your wireless systems would be best? I’ve been looking at your PIF300 and the next one up. Would the PIF300 be sufficient? Thank you.

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Jackie, our standard Wireless Containment System™ (PIF-300) does cover an adjustable circular area up to 1/2 acre (180 feet in diameter). This system should meet your needs based on the size of your yard. I hope you find this information helpful.

  8. kathryn bufkin says:

    the dog door is excellent – is truly unfortunate that the spring loaded lock on the safety slide cannot be replaced – i had to order the whole insert which by the time i paid tax and shipping was at least half the price of a new door. seems like there should be a better way

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Kathryn, We thank you for taking the time to share your comments and the details of your situation. Please know that they have been passed on to the appropriate teams for review and feedback.

  9. Robin wilson says:

    We have in ground petsafe fence, one of the collars broke. Number on collar says 300-39?. Currently the transmitter is glued. What replacement collar can I purchase. This one uses a magnet for various correction levels. I have boxers

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Robin, we apologize for the problem that you have encountered with your collar. Please email a photo of the collar to so that we can identify the model. Also, please include the original date of purchase and we will be happy to provide you with the proper warranty exchange procedures and of any cost involved.

  10. Kelley says:

    We have the in-ground system and have two dogs. It works great until one dog chews the collar off the other dog. Do you have any tips for preventing this type of problem?

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Kelley, To ensure this does not happen again, we generally suggest a bitter spray or powder for any chewing issues. If this does not solve the issue, you may be able to divert their attention with a similar type of plastic toy. Unfortunately, since every pet is different, it may be a course of trial and error to determine what will deter them. Let us know if we can help you further! :)

  11. SFerrell says:

    We have 2 acres but not all 2 acres would be contained…maybe 1/2.. but partially front of the house and also behind the house. How do you set up the flags with a rectangle lot where the house divides the space? Also, how far apart do the flags have to be placed?

  12. Shaun Gleeson says:

    I have two 40lb dogs, and live on a 30 degree sloping half acre block. There is a 30ft sloping drop from the front yard to the basement level back yard then an additional 10ft drop to the back of the section.
    Which containment system is suitable?
    Do I need two transmitters, one for each level?
    Do the transmitters emit the same frequency so that a dog collar can work on each simultaneously?
    Can the boundary be set as a square as opposed to circle?
    If a dog rushes past the containment area (squirrells) what distance will the dog continue to receive a zap? 6ft, 20ft other?
    Will it receive a zap on its return?
    Look forward to a response

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Shaun, great question! We are happy to help. The wireless fence works best in a flat, level yard. Because of the way the system operates, signal from the system will be inconsistent in areas where there are slopes or grades of more than 3-4 feet, which can be confusing for your pet. If you have a hill or your yard is not level, the in-ground fence would be a better option for your pet and would better suit your containment area.

      The in-ground fence is customizable and will accommodate a square boundary. With this fence, the pet will receive correction according to the boundary zone you set on the transmitter. Once the pet has gone through the correction zone they will no longer receive a correction. When the pet returns to the yard, they will receive a correction as they pass through the correction zone. You can shop for an in-ground fence here: Let us know if you have any other questions. Have a great day.

  13. Pat Dougherty says:

    I have the wireless system and I love it. The problem is I have two small dogs and the collars are to big and two heavy. Do you carry a smaller collar?

  14. James says:

    I have a rf-104 transmitter and am in need of a new power cord. Where can I find one?

    • Natalie Lester says:

      You can purchase a replacement power adapter for $24.95 (USD) plus tax and shipping by calling our Customer Care Center directly at 1-800-732-2677. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 A.M. – 8 P.M. EST and Saturdays 9 A.M. – 5 P.M. EST. Thanks!

  15. Nadine Davy says:

    we just purchased the wireless dog training device. It said that there was directions included but the only directions are what is on the box. My question is where is the setting for the amount of static that is being given? An how to do you have it either on sound or static. Please advise asap.

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Nadine, we’re so excited for you and your pet to enjoy the freedom of your yard with your Wireless System. This video should help you train your pet: but if you have any other questions, please let us know! Have a great day.

  16. Carol says:

    We have 4 dogs on our in-ground wire system. Love it! But, one of the dog’s receiver is blinking red. Bought a replacement battery, but the receiver is still blinking red. What is the problem? Thanks.

    • Robin Rhea says:

      I apologize that you have encountered a problem with your collar. The collar sometimes may not recognize the full strength of the new battery when it is changed. This can cause the unit to not respond properly or change correction levels. Please try the following steps to resolve this issue:

      * Remove the battery from the receiver.
      * Let the receiver sit without a battery for about 1 minute or press and hold the button until the light goes out completely.
      * Reinsert the battery
      * Test the unit

      If these steps do not resolve the issue, please email us at for further assistance.


  17. Annette Harvey says:

    Hi, I have 4 dogs ranging from 7 lbs to 150 lbs. Is there one system that will that will cover an area of 6 acres and all of the dogs? Are all of your collars compatible with with all systems? I also need waterproof collars. Thanks for your help.

    • Natalie Lester says:

      I would recommend starting with one of our basic In-Ground Fence™ systems and then add additional collars based on the needs of the pet. All of our in-ground receiver collars are waterproof and are compatible with our in-ground systems. Please note, the Wireless receivers and the UltraSmart In-Ground Fence Receiver are not compatible with our basic in-ground systems. I have included a link to our website for additional information on our basic In-Ground Fence™ system, but let us know if you have any other questions!

  18. Amanda Palmer says:

    I have a small yard and would like for our two english bulldogs to go outside without crossing the road.There is only about 8 feet from bottom of porch stairs to the road, how far is warning area with the under ground wire or the wireless system? I don’t want them to get zapped coming off the porch.The entire yard is about 55ft wide/116ft long which system would be best?

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Based on the size and layout of your yard, you could use the In-Ground Fence or the Wireless System. The In-Ground system will follow the boundaries of your yard, while the Wireless system is limited to a circular boundary. The wireless transmitter would be located in the center of the circular pet area and has a maximum radius of 90 feet. Both systems could be adjusted to accommodate the area from the porch to the road. Please note, the wireless fence works best in a flat, level yard. If you have a hill or your yard is not level, the in-ground fence would be a better option for your pet and would better suit your containment area.

  19. Janice Hammond says:

    I love my in-ground fence; my wondering Freddy now just wonders around the yard.

  20. Brendan says:

    How much space is required in between wires. I have a narrow path that leads yo my larger yard it is about 6 feet wide. The wires would run on either side of the path.

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Brendan, great question! We recommend that wires running parallel to one another be at least 3-5 feet apart. If the wires are installed too closely together, the signal may be cancelled or inconsistent in that area. I hope you find this information helpful.

  21. Lora says:

    I am considering one of your fences. I have one jumper and one digger when it comes to a regular style fence. How close to the ‘fenceline’ do they get when they receive the first shock? If she tries to jump the area, how much space does it cover? I want them to run loose in the yard for their health and happiness but I don’t want them to get onto the road.

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Lora, great question! The correction zone for our In-Ground Fence system is adjustable, depending on how far from the wire you would like the collar to respond. This setting is adjusted on the transmitter and can range from approximately 1-6 feet. I hope you find this information helpful.

  22. Pam says:

    Hi Natalie…we had the inground petsafe fence and it worked great. We just moved…but have a very small lot. We have 3 dogs and are currently leashing. Even tho we brought the transmitter with us, the lot is too small. So we are looking at the wireless unit….Am I still able to use the same collars? Thanks for your help :)

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Pam, Unfortunately the In-Ground receiver collars are not compatible with our Wireless Containment systems. I apologize for any inconvenience.

  23. Lenell King says:

    We just purchased the PIF-300. My daughter lives next door and has the same system for her dog. There seems to be a dead zone in between our houses which allows my lab to go into her yard. Should my dog collar pick up the static of her system?

    • Natalie Lester says:

      Hi Lenell, If the boundary zones overlap approximately 5-10 feet, there will be an open area for the pets to pass through. However, this is the only area that would be open and the pets would receive a correction when trying to leave either yard. If you would like to close this open zone between the yards, you will need to move the transmitter or reduce the boundaries so that they do not overlap. I hope you find this information helpful.

  24. Andrea says:

    I have the stubborn dog system for my two labs but have recently gained a much smaller chihuahua friend, which collars are compatible with my system and will not be too large for the dog?

  25. JoAnn says:

    We have an older RF-104 transmitter. Will the newer collars work with this system? Thank you!

    • Jessica Medlin says:

      Hi JoAnn, the newer wired containment collar will work with the RF-104 transmitter. There are many receivers compatible with the RF-104 transmitter. Here is a link to the additional In-Ground receivers available for our In-Ground fences:

      Please note, the Wireless receivers and The UltraSmart In-Ground Fence Receiver are not compatible with this transmitter. If you have any further questions about this, please email us at Have a great day!

  26. jerene says:

    We have an in ground system for our 5 acre for 3 large dogs. I have a small Schneider and would like to contain him to a smaller area but I don’t want to prevent the larger dogs access to the same area. Would a wireless system affect the larger dog collars?

  27. Sarah Folmar says:

    Hi Jerene! Thank you for your comment. We would like to get a little more information from you on your yard and the layout of the system, and we want to make sure we answer all of your questions. Please call our customer care department at 1-800-732-2677. Our hours of operation are M-F 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, and on Saturdays from 9-5.

  28. Lyn says:

    I would like to install an underground fence to contain our dog, but we live on a lake and I would like to have the fence go from the back of our house down to the lake. It would seem that we’d have 2 separate lines running from each back corner of the house down to water’s edge. Is there any way of doing this? Thanks.

  29. Mike says:

    We are looking at 2 different containment areas in our large back yard (around 2 large seperate flower beds) would we need to run 2 different underground fences and then each dog would need to wear 2 collars since it would be 2 seperate zones/transmitter?

    • Sarah Folmar says:

      Hi Mike.

      Great question. This is all going to depend on how you would do your entire layout. In order to best help you choose which containment system would be best (and how to lay it out), please call our Customer Care Department to speak to one of our wired containment experts. Our hours of operation are M-F 8a-8p and Saturday 9-5, EST. You can reach us at 1-800-732-2677. We hope to hear from you soon!

  30. tom says:

    What in-ground system do I need for 2 60 lb dogs and 11+ acres?

  31. Erin says:

    I am attempting to purchase one of your wireless systems Petsafe containment but both neighbors have the Petsafe Safe Play system. I am trying to find out if they will be able to coexist next to each other without interfering with each others frequencies.

    • Sarah Folmar says:

      Hi Erin. That is a great question! If your neighbors have a wireless system (and not an In-Ground Fence), your system can exist without interference as long as the boundary width does not spill into their containment zone. If the boundaries are close, you can adjust the width so that it does not interfere. If you have any additional questions, a product expert is available at 1-800-732-2677 M-F 8a-8p and Saturday 9-5, EST. Thank you for contacting PetSafe!

  32. Derek Daniels says:

    My yard is small maybe even smaller the 3/4 acre which system is best for me?

  33. jackie says:

    I have the little dog inground system, and wanted to know if a large dog inground fence collar would work with this system?

    • Sarah Folmar says:

      Hi Jackie. Great question! Our other in-ground Add-a-Dog collars will work with this In-Ground Fence system, but you will want to make sure they are not for wireless systems or for the Yard Max system. Thank you for contacting us!

  34. gail says:

    What about kitties???? I want to find a way to keep them safe but not by using a wireless fence or collars. Do you have any kind of a guard that can be attached to top portion of a privacy fence that can prevent them from climbing over?

  35. Mary Helen Carter says:

    I have an in-ground system for stubborn dogs. I have a Brittany Spaniel and a Border Collie. When the system was installed, the Border figured out that the twisted line leading from the house transmitter to the boundary line was not “hot”. She instinctively knew that THAT was what was shocking her…..and she dug it up! So we re-installed the twisted line, this time encased in conduit. Voila! No more problems! We also installed the line through conduit which crosses the driveway because of the high-traffic. Just want you to know I enjoy the peace of mind and the dogs enjoy running and playing in the entire 2 acre area. Thanks for an excellent product!

  36. MIchelle says:

    I currently have the Pet Safe Deluxe in ground system but my Husky and Lab X are blowing through the fence regularly. I want to upgrade to the Stubborn Dog system, but need to know if I can just purchase the collars or if I need to buy the stubborn dog transmitter as well.

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