The World According to Cooper: Allergy Season


By Stacie Greene, Supply Chain Specialist at PetSafe

Hi everybody, it’s me Cooper! I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather that we have been having. I know I have… well, except for allergies. You might be surprised to know dogs get allergies too. I know I was surprised when it happened to me. It was awful, sneezing and sniffling. Then, these weird things that my mom calls a “backwards sneeze”. Those really scare me, and other than the big blue monsters in our parking lot at work, I don’t scare easily.

Dogs with allergies are very common, so Cooper's not alone!

Cooper has been sneezing his head off since the weather warmed up! Does your dog have allergies?

Allergies can be really hard to treat for your furry child, that’s why your parents always need to take you to see your doctor. My mom has done everything to help treat my allergies: extra baths, a really awesome super short summer haircut, running the vacuum constantly, and changing the air filters in the house. When none of that worked we went to see my doctor, Dr. Monica Webb.

Dr. Monica checked me out completely to make sure that my symptoms were not due to anything else and sure enough I have allergies. I guess it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise since my mom has been sneezing constantly, too. Also, dogs have very sensitive noses to begin with – they are like a gazillion times more sensitive than our humans. Dr. Monica prescribed me something called an antihistamine. I do not like those pills!! I felt weird when I took them. All I wanted to do was sleep. I didn’t want to play or go to the park or anything. I think that scared my mom, so she called Dr. Monica and promptly took me off the antihistamine. There are some dogs that do not have a problem with allergy medication or allergies, and those are some lucky pups!

If you are like me though and are sneezing and just having a hard time with all of the stuff floating in the air and sticking to the grass right now, make sure you get your humans to take you to see your doctor. They will know best how to give you some relief. You can’t just take anything, that’s why it is so important to see your doctor.

Good luck if you have allergies, and rejoice if you don’t. I’m almost better now so there should be a great adventure for next month. Mom and I are going on vacation in a few weeks too so I’ll have some good stories coming up!!

Talk to you soon.


Stacie Greene is a Supply Chain Specialist for PetSafe, head quartered in Knoxville, TN. She works to manage part of a global supply chain to deliver the best possible products for our customers. She has a BS in Operations Management, and 14 years experience in procurement, supply chain management and strategic sourcing. Her Lhasa apso, Cooper, logs the same hours at the office as Stacie. She volunteers with the Most Pet Friendly Community initiative that has a mission of making Knoxville, Tennessee the most pet friendly community in America.


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7 Responses to The World According to Cooper: Allergy Season

  1. Bulldog Mom says:

    Our English Bulldog has severe allergies. He was tested for food & environmental allergies and was put on a allergy vaccine (just like humans). He gets two shots once a week in addition to Benedryl daily. The shots seem to have made a difference for him, although during the spring & fall he still sneezes when we first get outside.

    • Stacie Greene says:

      Hi, Bulldog Mom! It is no fun to watch our pets sneeze and wheeze during this time of year, especially since we know they want to be outside as much as they can. I’m so glad you have found what works best for your pet. What a good mom you are! :) Thanks for reading.

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  6. Ricky Sol says:

    Shots might seem like an unusual way to treat allergies, but they’re effective at decreasing sensitivity to triggers. The substances in the shots are chosen according to the allergens identified from a person’s medical history and by the allergist during the initial testing. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees the standards used in preparing the materials for allergy shots given in the United States.

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