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Hello FroliCat customers & fans:

FroliCat Twitch interactive pet toy

Win a FroliCat TWITCH

On Friday, June 15, 2012, FroliCat will be on TV!  FroliCat BOLT, FroliCat TWITCH, and FroliCat DART will be featured in a segment on your local news.  Pet Lifestyle Expert  Kristen Levine will discuss how FroliCat toys will keep your cat active, healthy and happy this summer.   We are so excited about these appearances, we are offering a free FroliCat TWITCH to 9 viewers within the cities where the broadcast appears.   To win a FroliCat TWITCH, take note of the date, time and cities of the broadcast below.  Be the first in your city to upload a picture of the appearance on your local news to the FroliCat facebook fan page, and you win a FroliCat TWITCH.

FroliCat local news appearances on Friday, June 15th, 2012:

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