How to Help Your Pet Be More Independent

Give your pets freedom and independence this 4th of July.

Natalie and Emma are celebrating Independence Day with their family. What are you and your pets doing?

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist

When the U.S. gained its freedom from Great Britain some 236 years ago, we had a real reason to celebrate. We were finally free to make legislation and decisions as the majority saw fit. It took us a while to nail down all the issues (okay, maybe we are still working on it), but we got (will get) there eventually. I’m pretty proud of the country I’ve been born and raised in. I’m sure many of you agree there aren’t many other places you’d want to live, work and play in.

Now, what if you could give that same independence, equality, and liberation to you pets? What if they could also live in harmony and peace with you and the rest of society both with and without fur? No worries, you can create a lifestyle where your pets have more control of their daily routine! Below are a few examples of how to help your pet celebrate their own independence.

Help your pet control his diet routine with a Healthy Pet Food and Water Station. Nutrition and hydration are very important to pets and their owners, and one of the best ways you can give your pet freedom is to allow them to decide when they are hungry or thirsty. With the Healthy Pet systems, your pets’ food and water is replenished when they need it – and the bowls are made of the best materials (stainless steel bowls and BPA Free durable plastic) to keep your pet healthy with their new mealtime routine. The only thing your pet will need your help with is clean up, in which case the Healthy Pet Food and Water Stations are dishwasher safe!

Your dog can enjoy a whole new level of independence by controlling his own outdoor/indoor schedule with a pet door and containment system.

Give your pet unlimited freedom and access to the outdoors with a pet door and containment system. If you are like me, your pet has way more energy than you do (trust me, Emma is like an energizer bunny) and can outlast you way into the evening. With a pet door and containment system, you can trust your pet to monitor his own activity level and potty breaks. A door allows him to come and go as he pleases, and the containment system will keep your pet in your yard. When you pet has the independence to go outside whenever he needs or wants to, both of you will be happier!

How are you and your pet preparing to spend Independence Day? Be sure to practice good fireworks safety and stay cool! Happy 4th, everyone!


As the PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist, Natalie manages The Paw Print blog and generates other brand related content including public relations and promotions. Before PetSafe, Natalie worked in the local media covering politics, education, and religion. Natalie’s puppy, Emma, spends almost as much time in the office as she does.

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