Innovation Station: Who invents your pet’s products?


By the PetSafe Innovation Team

August is Inventor’s Month and we’re lucky to have an entire team dedicated to Innovation at Radio Systems Corporation, makers of the PetSafe Brand. We receive hundreds of product ideas each year, and the Innovations Department decides which ones have value. Then, they make it happen.

“One of our Corporate Values is ‘Try a lot of stuff and keep what works,’” said Chris Mainini, Vice President of Innovations and Quality. “An innovative culture must be able to tolerate failure. But the times when we win are worth taking the chance. The key is to learn from failure, and there is typically something that may be salvaged from the experience that will help in the next venture.”

Senior Mechanical Engineer Andy Grimmett celebrates the opportunity to work in a place where invention is both encouraged and celebrated.

“The atmosphere here is alive and invigorating,” he said. “The constant search for the latest and greatest is never ending, and every day is new and exciting. Improving the happiness and safety of man’s best friend will always be high on everyone’s priority list.”

James Puckett couldn’t agree more. “Radio Systems Corporation, makers of the PetSafe brand, has a very open culture and this really inspires me to innovate and share new ideas. At every level of management, associates are ready to hear new product ideas or process improvements.”

This team is currently working on many new exciting products that will enhance the relationships between pets and their owners across the globe. What a great reason to come to work every day! Projects include social media, mobile and desktop applications, connectivity and the constant improvement of current technologies.

Kristen von Clef believes the future is bright for her pets, because of the invention occurring at work every day.

“Through future innovations, we can provide our pets with everything they may need from toys to treats, training to containment, and feeders to social media,” she said.

Mainini agrees. “Pets and their owners will be connected at the same level as humans are today,” he said. “Pets will live longer and healthier lives though better nutrition, mental and physical exercise. And the human to pet bond will also grow stronger.”

If you could create any device for your pet what would it be? What do you think your pet would invent if he had the opportunity?


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3 Responses to Innovation Station: Who invents your pet’s products?

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  2. Tanisha Wade says:

    Panic alarm dog collar. I know this is far from reality, but it would be neat if a dog collar could alert authorities. It could call 911 in case of a burglar inside your house; fire department will be alarmed if there is an emergency and medical personnel’s can be alarm if there is someone who is hurt. I do believe dogs and some pets could sense these things. For me, my dogs guard my home and it could be a great thing to have this tool for them.

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