Stories of a Cat’s Love & Devotion


Through our ScoopFree & FroliCat Facebook pages, we asked Brilliant Pet customers to share with us a stories of how their cat(s) help them through difficult times.  We received so many stories about cats who helped people through depression, illness, relationship troubles and family difficulties.   These stories of a cat’s devotion, unconditional love and  compassion, moved us to tears  and made us happy that we work with such a wonderful community of cat-guardians and protectors.  Below are a few particularly moving stories that we wanted to share with you.

Brilliant Pet customer

Quujo, a calming influence

“Our cat Quujo, who has a liver problem of his own, is THE cat that helps our son with Aspergers through his meltdowns and anger issues. Quujo gets in his face even if that means getting up on a ladder to get in our son’s face. This IMMEDIATLEY makes it so that our son reacts to him. The calming soothing effect is miraculous to watch for Quujo will NOT take any of our son’s outbursts Quujo will put his paw on him if he doesn’t calm down quickly enough and THEN demand MASSIVE pettings”. – M. M.

“We found out that my dear Mother was ill with lung cancer back in April. She was elderly and they could not do surgery or treatment. We brought her to her home and with the help of a wonderful Hospice, took care of her. We had a hospital bed set up in her tv room, with her oxygen and meds. Mom has 2 kitties. Pearl and Demi. Pearl showed up in Moms yard 7 yrs ago. Starving to death and pregnant. Mom started feeding her. She had her babies outside. One morning, when Mom and my sister were on the back porch, Pearl came to the back door looking in with a kitten in her mouth. Mom opened the door and she brought 3 more in. They never left. I took a kitten and my sis took 2. Mom kept the Mom and 1 baby. Pearl, never left Moms bed when she was ill and dying. She got down to eat and drink and use the litter box. However, she loved my Mother and knew how she saved her and her babies all those years ago. They had quite a bond. Pearl ha d her little paw on Moms hand when she passed away. I promised my Mom that I would take Pearl and Demi. I now am the proud owner of Pearl and Demi and Rocco. Rocco is also one of Pearls babies. They are healing my heart. I will never forget how Pearl loved my Mom through her illness and death. Pearl can have anything she wants for the rest of her life. I love them and they bring me such joy and peace”. – L. W.

“My Bengal (Daisy) s not a cuddly cat. One morning while my late husband was in ICU I was reading emails from friends. I was reading one that was so sweet it made my cry. I looked down and Daisy came over to me and laid one of her toys at my feet and sat there and stared at me. She did cheer me up and made me smile. My three cats have been a lot of company to me adjusting to living alone after my husband passed away last year”. – P. B.

“My cat Smooch has been there for me ever since I has received her as a gift for my 18th birthday. One really specific instance that brought us even closer together, happened about 2 years ago. I had recently been laid off from my job, and a week later, a strong storm passed through and destroyed my apartment. The windows in the home had been blown in, and I couldnt find Smooch anywhere.I was so afraid that I had lost her. I was so overwhelmed with everything that was going on that I just sat in the middle of my living room floor and cried. A few moments later, I felt Smooch come beside me. She rubbed my leg and then sat down and purred by my side. In that moment, when I picked her up and hugged her, I felt las though all of my problems had gone away. My apartment was destroyed and I had no job to look for another place to go, but at least I had my baby, my Smooch cat and she was safe and sound, right by my side where she’s been since the first day that I got her, and will be for the rest of her life”. – S. J.

Thank you all for sharing how your cat helped you though difficult times.  We invite all our readers to share their stories and comment below.

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  1. M M says:

    Quujo died of liver disease February 25, 2014 he is sorely missed. Poseidon, the new service kitty tries to calm the melt downs but has less success. He is better at knocking things down though.

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