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What are your pets doing at home?

By Jenna Macnair, PetSafe Marketing Intern Some people like to ponder what their beloved dogs do when they’re at work. I don’t. I already know. The tell-tale missing shoe that turns up behind the couch chewed-up and rendered unwearable, the … Continue reading

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Happy National Cat Day: Treat your pet to a massage

By Stacey Brecher for The Daily Cat   Most cats enjoy being petted, but a cat massage session takes that quality time to a whole new level. Try these cat-massage techniques, and you’ll help to forge a tighter bond between … Continue reading

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13 Reasons to Love Black Cats

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist You’ve heard the superstitions about black cats being unlucky, right? With Halloween coming up, I wanted to remind everyone of how silly those superstitions are and how awesome black cats really are. Let’s … Continue reading


The World According to Cooper: Hanging out with Henry

By Stacie Greene, PetSafe Supply Chain Specialist Hey everybody, it’s me Cooper! I know I had promised you another Chow Hound installment this month, but I have to tell you about hanging out with my buddy Henry for a week. … Continue reading

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A Clear and Present Danger

Collar Safety Awareness for the Dogs You Love By Tenney Mudge, Inventor of the KeepSafe® Collar     Have you ever had a passing thought and asked yourself “how safe is the collar I’m putting around my dog’s neck?” Have … Continue reading

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Breed All About It: Sporting dogs

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist What is covered in curly fur, has tons of energy, and a tendency to piddle when she gets too exited? My sweet, Boykin Spaniel Emma – of course! When I was looking to … Continue reading


Halloween Cat Costume Contest

Enter the Brilliant Pet Halloween Photo Contest for a chance to win a ScoopFree Ultra & 6-pack of ScoopFree Premium Blue litter trays!!! To enter, simply submit a photo of your cat in a Halloween costume.  Please no Photoshop editing, … Continue reading

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DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

By Erin Pratt, PetSafe Marketing Intern It’s almost time for Halloween festivities to begin, which means pet parents everywhere are searching high and low for the perfect costume. Unfortunately, so many overspend on costumes that lack originality. So, what’s the … Continue reading


Counter surfing, trash raiding and stealing, Oh My!

Dogs are opportunists. With their fantastic senses, especially smell , and skills at observation and sleath they are amazing at exploiting any opportunity for gain. Of course they want the tasty sandwich sitting on the counter or to check out … Continue reading

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