New Lickety Stik Flavors Giveaway

PetSafe Lickety Stik Giveaway

Lickety Stik liquid dog treats keep your pet both healthy and happy. With only one calorie in every 10 licks, you can feel good about giving him this treat he is sure to love.

By Natalie Lester, Brand Communications Specialist

I can’t believe January 2013 is almost over! This month has flown by, and I hope the year slows down a little bit so we can enjoy it! How are you and your pet doing on your New Year’s resolutions?

Emma and I have been practicing fetch at home, since it is so cold outside and I think we’re getting better. As for the work resolution for her potty behavior, she has a virus (more on that later) that has been keeping her at home this month so we haven’t gotten too much exposure.

If you and your pet made the commitment to get healthier this year, I hope you’ve seen great results in these first few weeks in both your figures. One way to see the changes you are looking for is to cut back on snacking for you and treating for your pet. Cookies and biscuits can pack high calories for your dog – just as they can for you.

Have no fear, we have a low calorie treat that you can feel good about giving to your pet and will keep your dog coming back for more. You may already be familiar with Lickety Stik, an all-natural liquid dog treat that you hold while your dog licks. If so, you know that there is only one calorie in every 10 licks. As an added bonus, it is extremely easy to use with a no mess, tidy roll dispenser.

Now, Lickety Stik is even better with new flavors! In addition to Savory Chicken, Smoked Bacon, and Braised Liver, we now have Sharp Cheese, Peanut Butter, and Big Beef.

If your pet is looking for a new, healthier treat, comment on this post below and let us know which flavor you think your pet would like best. We’ll pick three winners (one for each NEW flavor) on Friday, February 1.


As the PetSafe Brand Communications Specialist, Natalie manages the PetSafe brand across multiple social and content sites, including The Paw Print blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She also generates other brand related content including product information for retailers, video scripts, and public relations. Before PetSafe, Natalie worked in the local media covering politics, education, and religion. Natalie’s puppy, Emma, spends almost as much time in the office as she does.


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111 Responses to New Lickety Stik Flavors Giveaway

  1. Kim says:

    Tucker would definitely like the peanut butter!

  2. heather says:

    Big Beef

  3. Peggy Lemos says:

    Braised Liver

  4. Michelle Rosonke says:

    Cosmo would LOVE to try the sharp cheese flavor. He loves cheese :)

  5. Kendra Lewis says:

    My Abby, a long-haired tri-color chihuahua would definitely like the sharp cheese. She loves cheese so much, we call her a cheese-huahua!

  6. Sarah Morgan says:

    Our corgi, Betsy, would love the peanut butter stick! I requested a free stick sample for her months ago through the Facebook page but it never arrived. :(

    Thanks for another chance!

  7. Jane Papa says:

    interesting post. i would love to win a lickety stik!

  8. Kaydee says:

    My puppy loves cheese. It is her “super high value” treat, but I can’t give her too much of it for obvious reasons. I would love for her to try the new cheese flavor.

  9. Brenda says:

    My Cocoa Bean would love the peanut butter flavor! This is a great alternative to treats, since she can’t have treats for a while due to a medical condition, EPI

  10. Kris says:

    Bella is a 4 month old mix of puppy love we rescued. She loves peanut butter.

  11. abby foster says:

    My dog (Dallas) would love the cheese flavored one b/c he LOVES cheese w/ a passion! Maybe even could use it to help in the training of controlling his barking!

  12. Rhonda says:

    Think they’d love the peanut butter!

  13. Brandy Kelso says:

    Cocoa and Bosco LOVE lickety stiks!! Sharp cheese im sure will be their next fav flavor!!!

  14. Ally says:

    This looks like the coolest product! I’d love to see my dogs’ reactions to the Lickety Stik! They’d especially love to try the Sharp Cheese flavor!

  15. Brenda Watkins says:

    I think my dog would love the savory chicken flavor. We have the Braised Liver flavor, but it is a bit over powering in smell and lingers a bit. So no kisses from my baby for a few hours after the treat….;-)

  16. Tammy Brasfield says:

    My girls love the liver… would love to try out a different flavor… The peanut butter would drive them nuts… talk about learning new tricks… please send… would love to win for my girls

  17. Brigit H. says:

    I know my dog Hemi would LOVE the smoked Bacon flavor…he’s always in the kitchen righ beside me when I’m fixing bacon, knowing he can’t have any, poor guy.

  18. Amy Smedley says:

    OOOOO! She’d love the smoked bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon………

  19. Annette Abbott says:

    My dog would love the savory chicken flavor. She loves all things chicken!

  20. Michelle says:

    My dog would love to try the new peanut butter flavor, that’s her absolute favorite food.

  21. Linda Trzos says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! My dog Chai would love to try these!

  22. Michael Kisinger says:

    My four dogs would attack me over the new cheese flavor. Three Dachshunds and one mixed breed something or other and every one of them go insane over cheese.

  23. steven says:

    My two boys Frick & Frack (brothers) just LOVE this treat! They know they been good when I get these treats out!

    As two Labs I highly talk about Lickety Sticks! No mess also!!!

  24. Howard says:

    Thanks for the information. I think my guy would go for the peanut butter flavor.

  25. Jess Nordeen says:

    My 2 pups love the chicken flavor…they have one to lick on right now! :)

  26. Susan Stickney says:

    My dog would love Big Beef!

  27. Cassandra G. says:

    My dogs would definitely love Big Beef the best. All 3 are total meat heads!

  28. Breah Ditto says:

    My girls would love this :)

  29. kelli says:

    My German shorthair jp patches would love love the peanut butter it’s his favorite he’s such a good doggie,he’s always there for me he deserves to win a treat!!

  30. christine eddleman says:

    I believe my dogs would like the sharp cheese.Why? Because any time my family eat cheese they go crazy.I don’t know if it is the smell or if they know we may get just a litttle bite.Am sure the Lickety stik alot better for them,that is why I would like to try them! Thanks

  31. courtney moore says:

    Sharp cheddar for sure!!!! They love string cheese so much that there’s no way they wouldn’t love that flavor!

  32. Mallory H. says:

    The Sharp Cheese sounds good :)

  33. Cindy Ohrling says:

    My Buster loves these!!

  34. Misty Swearingen says:

    Peanut Butter! Without a doubt my doggies would LOVE the peanut butter

  35. Jenn says:

    My dog would LOVE to try the Big Beef flavor

  36. debbie marshall says:

    Jynx would just love the Big Beef!!

  37. Gale Eden says:

    Big Beef—-I have tried the Liver and he loves it…Thank you…

  38. Kristen Pearson says:

    Dexter LOVES Peanut Butter!

  39. Ashley C. says:

    My dog loves Lickety Stik! She would love to try a new flavor!

  40. doug sherwood says:

    Great product! Dog loves it

  41. Arlene Klapproth says:

    What a great special treat!! I have 4 cats who love treats and this would be a great way to spoil them!!

  42. Chrissy says:

    I think my dogs (i have 4) would like the flavor Smoked Bacon.

  43. stephanie says:

    sharp cheese!

  44. Bill Denson says:

    My two Bsoston’s love the Lickety Stik. They woul love the Peanut Butter, Bacon, cheese.

  45. Bonita Johnson says:

    Braised Liver, something my dogs do not get often enough.

  46. April Allen says:

    I would love to win one!!!

  47. April Allen says:

    I would love to win!!

  48. amber says:

    I love lickety stix and peanut butter

  49. Kim B says:

    Miko & Molly would LOVE the new Peanut Butter flavor!!! They are already fans of the braised liver but typically love peanut butter flavored treats. Who am I kidding – they’re not picky with flavors but they love Likety Stik and I love the calorie count!

  50. elisa schlink says:

    My silly Cheddar-Puff would LOVE the Sharp Cheese Stik!

  51. Chris koehler says:

    My dog loves trying new treats!

  52. Amber says:

    I would definitely like to get my dog out of the biscuit/treat overload and I think this would be a great alternative for him :-)

  53. Kent says:

    My dog loved the liver flavor stick so much that she climbed on top of my desk to get the bottle off the shelves.

  54. Megan J says:

    My dog LOVES these! She also loves cheese, even though she’s only had it once to get her to eat her heartworm pill. She’s always in my face when I have a piece of cheese :) I think she would love the new Sharp Cheese flavor!

  55. christine adams says:

    my dogs would love peanut butter

  56. Laura Doerfler says:

    My dogs love peanut butter. This would be a great alternative.

  57. Laura Doerfler says:

    My dogs love peanut butter this would be a great alternative.

  58. Kasumi Heller says:

    smoked bacon!!!

  59. Karen Boss says:

    We have tried the Lickety Stik in the Liver flavor and still have some left. We have 5 small dogs and they absolutely LOVE it. I am very excited about the new flavors for them and can’t wait to see how they enjoy those as well. Thanks for making a treat for them I don’t have to be concerned about!

  60. Thomas Sheerer says:

    My dogs love treats. Can’t wait to try Lickety Stik.

  61. angella deschammp says:

    i think this would come in handy when my dog is in the car .. she gets nervous and these would definitely distract her!!!

  62. Janet says:

    Big Beef for my big boy!

  63. Jessica says:

    Peanut butter would be wonderful!

  64. Debbie B says:

    My puppies would love to try the new Peanut Butter stix!

  65. Ed Glassner says:

    Savory chicken (since Canned Tuna is not available)

  66. houndstooth says:

    The sharp cheese was a HUGE hit at our house! We’ve been dying to get more!

  67. April D says:

    Love these! I use it while grooming my dog, he sits like an angel (well sort of)

  68. Sarah Mailen says:

    Roskie and Buddy love peanut butter!! They would love to try to the new flavor.

  69. Caryn says:

    Manny (Choc Lab), Bella (Sheltie), and Ray (Jack Russel Mix) all love Bacon. They lay in front of the oven, in anticipation, when I bake it.

  70. MaryAnn Karre says:

    Mya is definitely a BEEF lover! She loves her Lickety Stik, and it helps her stay trim and slim!

  71. Iliana says:

    Marley and Minnie would love the smoked Bacon flavor! It keeps them still while taking a bath!

  72. Iliana says:

    Marley and Minnie love these treats . They love the Big Beef and Chicken too!

  73. Iliana says:

    Marley and Minnie will enjoy all the flavor’s , especially the smoked Bacon and Big Beef . Keeps them calm while taking a bath.

  74. IlianaCF says:

    Marley and Minnie will enjoy all the flavor’s , especially the smoked Bacon and Big Beef . Keeps them calm while taking a bath.

  75. Susan C says:

    My pug Woofus, is as snug as a bug in a rug, as long as he has his Lickety Stik to hug! Can you say, Cheeze, Please!!!

  76. Melina A says:

    Libby would LOVE peanut butter, I swear she hears the PB jar lid twisting off from the far corners of the house! I think I’ll try it while getting her over her fear of nail trimming.

  77. Amy B says:

    This is a really neat idea and I like it for several reasons. We have 4 dogs, and my 15 yr old dog only has 2 teeth left (a rescue), and this is a treat he can easily enjoy! Another reason is that this is very convenient for taking on walks (like the video shows) and and using as a training aid. So often the dogs smell the treats in your pocket, or you have to unzip a pocket, or undo a drawstring on a treat bag, to get to the treat–but they can still smell it. I’m not sure but I’m thinking they won’t be able to smell this so much and it would just be one quick twist of the cap and reward without them having to stand there & chew their treat on the sidewalk. This could also be very useful in cleaning ears (currently I clean while my husband holds a piece of gouda for my 15 yr old to nibble on), or for cutting nails for some folks, I would suppose! So many possibilities!

    This year we’re committed to more walks and day adventures to state parks, etc and this will easily fit in our backpacks for a nice reward as we’re training and a treat when we stop for a break.

    Our four dachshunds love cheese, so I’m anxious to try the sharp cheese flavor!

  78. Karen says:

    I have a Golden Retriever and I think Penny would like the Smoked Bacon flavor. She enjoys her daily walks and frisbee catching, however now in her senior years her hip dysplasia is acting up so we have to limit her (along with chiro adjustments, Adequan, supplements, etc). She’s a sweetie and this would be excellent as a treat when she’s resting from activities.

  79. Martha Denney says:

    Definitly peanut butter

  80. Diem says:

    My dogs are the meat kind of people.

  81. Glo says:

    My cocker spaniel Jeweli would love to try the Big Beef.

  82. Bess Witt says:

    ALL flavors sound tempting, my dogs would love them.

  83. Jacquie Byron says:

    Thanks for donating to Duchess! Would love a cheese stick. Thank you.

  84. Tracy Flowers says:

    my Jingle would love PeanutButter ( he loves to get a treat for not pulling me down the road on walks )

  85. Russ Kawecki says:

    Joey, Sofy & Taz would love to try one! And the flavor? You choose! They’d like any one of them :)
    Thank You

  86. joanne lundi says:

    they love peanut butter!

  87. joanne lundi says:

    peanut butter for sure!

  88. Montana says:

    peanut butter

  89. Lauren says:

    Kodah would like the Braised Liver!!:)

  90. Lea says:

    My guy and gal would love to share the peanut butter.

  91. Tammy Brasfield says:

    Holly and Lady sure are wanting some of that Peanut Butter Lickety Stik…..

  92. Stephanie says:

    My puppy Beefy would most definitely love the peanut butter flavor!

  93. jen says:

    peanut BUTTER pls!

  94. theresa chestnut says:

    bacon or cheese……..these to to be made for humans !!!!

  95. Sue Teigue says:

    My dog Muttley is a 143 pound mush and he loves to lick & would just love to try any flavor of Lickety Stik!

  96. BridgetteM says:

    Magnum would love to try the peanut butter, but would be happy with any of them. It would be a great reward after training and playing to calm him down.

  97. Jennifer M says:

    My dog, BC, LOVES Lickety Stiks! He would go crazy for the new Peanut Butter flavor. (He already has bacon and liver.)

  98. Chui Chai says:

    Hi, I would love the savory chicken. My buddy Sebastian loves it so it must be good. Sophie likes it too so now it’s my turn to try it. It might help with my 11 lb siamese figure.

  99. Juli V says:

    My dog would love the peanut butter flavor!

  100. J Linn says:

    I use Lickety Stiks in my work. I practice canine conditioning. The dogs LOVE them and using the Stik is so much easier and less messy than using treats. I can’t imagine any dog not loving the new bacon flavor. Cheese would be a great one too, especially for dogs with allergies to certain meats. Thanks!!!

  101. Laura Hatton-Barnes says:

    Laddie would definitely love the cheddar!

  102. Tracy Mcginley says:

    My Min Pin Cierra has thyroid problems and was up to 35 lbs she has lost 10lbs already but is stilk 25 lbs and is suppose to be no more than 10lbs. We are trying so hard to loose the weight so we have yrs wit her as we solove her and want her in our family. She so kisses hertreats and would love any flavor as long as she couldenjoy them peanut butter and beef would be herfavorit and she would beable to have treats again please help her with her weight managememt!♥

  103. Joan says:

    “Braised Liver is the best” Says Reno the Service Dog. “and it’s easy for Mom to carry and dispense”

  104. Annette says:

    My cat “Kit” would love the savory chicken flavor… hope this giveaway is for cats too because my cat loves Lickey Stik! =^;;^= meow :D

  105. @frugaliscious says:

    our dogs loves bacon and peanut butter so any of the two flavors will definitely work, im sure they will go crazy about it :)

  106. Kim Canning says:

    Hazel would love any flavor! :-)

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