LaRue licks, loves Lickety Stik!


By Kelly Jackson, Founder of

There are dogs that chew, bite, tug, snuggle, bark and lick. My dog LaRue is a licker.

Kelly Jackson LaRue

LaRue is a licker – a licker of Lickety Stik, that is! Yum!

I don’t know much about her bloodline. She was rescued off the mean streets of St. Louis, but if I were a betting woman LaRue probably comes from a long, distinguished line of lickers.

She has actually made licking an art form. Like an artist, her brush is her little tongue…licking her way through our house. My sleek leather couch, toes, the cold ceramic bathtub, kitchen cabinets are all her canvas.

Her licking technique varies depending on what she’s licking. If you blink your eyes, you could miss a lick here or there.

I am not totally convinced LaRue didn’t invent Lickety Stik. It is truly an ingenious dog treat and is absolutely perfect for LaRue. I can be in another room, and when I shake the bottle the sound of her little nails trotting across our hardwood floors sounds like a little tap dancer. She stands at attention, and goes to town.

LaRue’s addition to Lickety Stik is serious. I really don’t think LaRue could live without this roll-on of deliciousness. Her licking may drive me crazy at times, but hey it beats chewing up my shoes.

LIckety Stik Kelly Jackson

Kelly and LaRue have a loving relationship – LaRue will always love Kelly as long as she has Lickety Stik in stock! :)

About Kelly

Kelly is an Emmy Award nominated television journalist and the founder of, which celebrates senior pets. Kelly is also a Senior Pet Lifestyle expert, and hosts her own show, Sassy Seniors, on the number one pet podcast in the country, Pet Life Radio Network. She has been featured on, St. Louis Magazine, West End Word, A-P, and St. Louis Post Dispatch to name a few.

Kelly has been received numerous honors including St. Louis Business Journal’s “40 under 40.” Kelly also owns My BFF Network, a unique company which provides senior dog companions to senior people, as well as dog walking services. My BFF received St. Louis Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for Best Pet Service in St. Louis, 2012.

As an animal advocate, Kelly remains very active in the community she lives in, and works with numerous animal welfare organizations across the country to make sure as many senior and pets of all ages, find loving homes.


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2 Responses to LaRue licks, loves Lickety Stik!

  1. houndstooth says:

    The Lickety Sticks are a big hit in our house, too!

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