Winners FroliCat & ScoopFree Facebook Cat Photo Contest

maine coon twin kittens

Grand Prize Winner FroliCat & ScoopFree photo contest

Last month FroliCat & ScoopFree hosted a cat photo contest through our Facebook pages. We received so many wonderful cat photos from our fans that it was hard for the FroliCat & ScoopFree judges to select just three. But select we did. Below are the winners of the FroliCat & ScoopFree Cat Photo Contest on Facebook.

Grand Prize Winner Nannette A. submitted a photo of her two Maine Coon twin kittens. We fell in L-O-V-E with these sweet kitten faces and unilaterally named her the grand prize winner. As the Grand Prize Winner on Facebook, Nannette won a ScoopFree Ultra litter box and a 6 pack of ScoopFree litter trays. Congratulations to Nannette. We sincerely hope her two cats enjoy their new self-cleaning litter box.

Our second prize winner, Krista C. submitted a picture of her cat, Asti. Thanks to Krista, Asti is now playing with 5 new FroliCat toys which included BOLT, DART, POUNCE, SWAY, & TWITCH. According to Krista her cats started playing with our newest product, the FroliCat Pounce as soon as it was out of the box.

The 3rd place winner in the Frolicat & ScoopFree cat photo contest won a FroliCat DART DUO.

Thank you everyone who participated in the FroliCat & ScoopFree Facebook Photo contest. Your pictures made us laugh, smile and occasionally, tear-up. Stayed tuned for our next contest for your next chance to win a ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box and FroliCat interactive cat toys.

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