How to choose the right training tool for your pet

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Natalie and Emma use a variety of tools to communicate with each other and they are both better for it! How do you want to change communication with your pet?

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Communications Specialist

When I adopted Emma, I pictured long evening walks, happy afternoons at the office and Saturday morning snuggles. I knew there would be a learning curve for her to adjust, but I didn’t anticipate all the leash pulling, accidents and barking at the mailman. Within the first few months of our lives together, I was looking to improve our communication and enhance our relationship.

I wanted her to enjoy her time roaming and playing in the office. I wanted her to feel comfortable in our home and outside, but it was also important she respected me as her mom. I thought long and hard about each issue we faced. I eventually chose a solution that I thought was best for both of us, and you can do the same thing with your pets.

When your seeking to solve challenges you and your pet face, it’s important to consider their personality and temperament. For example, I know Emma is very eager to please and friendly, yet she is stubborn when she gets focused on something she wants or if there are a lot of other dogs around. Some training solutions are better in different situations and for different pets. With Emma, we use the Easy Walk Harness on walks but the Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer when we’re at the office.

When Roslyn was training Doc for our commercials, she used a ClikR. Doc responds best to positive treat training. Roslyn even trained her cat with a ClikR! Emma also does best with treat training when we are visiting friends so I always keep a Lickety Stik in my purse. For dogs with a specific barking problem, there are deterrents made just for you. Jessica uses an Elite Spray Bark Control Collar with Emmitt when he is at the office.

What about you and your pet? Is there a specific problem you’re looking to solve or improve? We’re always here to help! Let us know what issues you’re facing in the comments below.

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