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Post Bark For Your Park – When the Barking Subsides, the REAL barking begins

By Robin Hawn Rhea, Senior Brand Manager One month after Bark For Your Park and we are still COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by incredible and intense amount of “barking” and spirit that communities create during Bark For Your Park. Congratulations to … Continue reading


The World According to Cooper – Cookie Competition

By Stacie Greene,  PetSafe Supply Chain Specialist You know there is nothing wrong with a little competition. One of my buddies at work, Bruiser, and I compete for cookies from all of our human co-workers every day. I really don’t think … Continue reading

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Pet Obesity: The #1 Nutritional Disease in Pets

Guest post from Dr. Patrick Mahaney, VMD You may not even realize it, but your companion canine or feline could be pushing the upper limits of a healthy body weight. Carrying extra weight can cause mild to severe health concerns. The … Continue reading

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PetSafe’s Black Tie & Tails Gala leaves tails wagging

By Jessica Medlin, PetSafe Marketing Research Specialist On August 10th, PetSafe held its 2nd annual Black Tie & Tails Gala in our hometown of Knoxville, TN. The event benefits Morris Animal Foundation and supports their commitment to finding a cure … Continue reading

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Breed All About It: Facing Smashed-in Faces

By Robin Rhea, PetSafe Brand Manager I love the sound of a snoring and sorting Frenchie in the morning, forehead to chin with Buckley while the rest of her is partially on my head. With brachycephalic dogs, my experience is … Continue reading


Teaching a NEW Dog OLD Tricks

By Toni Lynn Mark, Training and Behavior Education Specialist Have you ever heard that saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”. Well, that’s hog-wash. And so is “You shouldn’t teach a new dog old tricks”! When you look … Continue reading

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You can and SHOULD teach an old dog new tricks

By Michelle Mullins, Professional Trainer I’m not a fan of most old adages. While “look before you leap” is pretty good advice, we also know “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Many adages promote negative ideals or overly cautious behavior disguised as … Continue reading