The World According to Cooper


By Stacie Greene, PetSafe Supply Chain Specialist 

Summertime Fun…

Dog parks are so much fun!

Dog parks are so much fun!

It is definitely summertime in Tennessee. Folks it is HOT!! But not too hot to play and hang out with my friends at any one of the local PetSafe® dog parks. We run, we wrestle all while our parents stand around and watch and talk about us. I get to meet some really interesting individuals at the dog park. I get so wound up playing and barking at the top of my lungs that sometimes I forget that I have come back inside and need to use my inside voice. My mom says it takes hours to get me to calm down from all that fun.

Stacie and CooperI have to remember to listen to my mom when it gets this hot outside. It is in the 90s here in Tennessee right now. If I am out playing she always makes sure that I not only have a bowl of fresh cold water, but she puts ice cubes in it for me too. I love to fish for ice cubes. That is so much fun on a hot day, just like running through the water sprinkler. But I always listen to my mom when she tells me that is time to come in and take a break from the heat. I know we’ll be back outside soon.

So if any of you have the opportunity to get out to your local dog parks this summer you should definitely go for it. You’ll make so many new friends and have so much fun. Just try and stay cool, find a pool, sprinkler, pond or lake and jump in. A bowl of ice cubes works nicely also!!


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