ScoopFree® Ultra Litter Box Review


By Roslyn McKenna, PetSafe Web Content Specialist

“I have too many cats,” I think to myself as I’m digging through clay to scoop my cats’ litter box. I swear their pee becomes glue the second it hits the litter. The kitties have 5 litter boxes to choose from, 3 of which are automatic. The weekly scooping of the 2 regular boxes reminds me of why I love my automatic litter boxes. The ScoopFree Ultra Litter Box is the newest addition to the cats’ bathrooms in the hallways closets. It’s great for keeping the cats happy without having to scoop their boxes as often.

ScoopFree Litter Box Highlights

Ultra fullsize-          Super quiet & fast cleaning cycle 5 minutes after each use

–          Crystal litter tray lasts 1 month

–          See-through hood stops litter box bullying

–          Health counter tells you how many times cats use the box


Quiet All Night

The tricky part about automatic litter boxes is finding a place to put them in your home. You need a big enough spot with access to a plug. My bedroom closet is the last closet without an automatic box. At first I was worried the noise and smell would be a problem. One week later and I had forgotten it was even there. I thought maybe the box was broken until I heard it go off one night before bed. It was so quiet I could barely hear it working!

Instantly Clean & Fresh

scoopfree with catThe dirty litter and waste is raked into a covered area of the tray. The Ultra litter box has a “delayed flush” setting so it will sweep the box 5, 10, or 20 minutes after your cat uses it. The timer plus the hood are the ultimate anti-dog features. My dog Doc can’t enjoy the “buffet” after the cats have used it. The crystal litter still looks pristine after over a month, though the cats have definitely been using it. The old traditional litter box that had been in the closet started to stink after a few days of not cleaning it.

My cats like to pee outside the box if it’s not clean enough for them, especially if there’s a pile of scooped-out litter next to the box. The closet has been pee-free since we got the ScoopFree box because it’s always clean and the hood and high sides make it harder for the cats to scoop litter outside the box.

Swap Out the Litter

scoopfree litter tray

ScoopFree litter boxes use a special crystal litter tray. When the litter’s done, it’s time to trade out the tray for a new one. I signed up for the litter auto-ship subscription program. With the subscription, you get to pick how many trays you need and how often you need them. You also get free shipping and a 10% discount as an added perk. The first tray has lasted over a month, which is pretty impressive with 4 cats. I’ll probably need a new tray about once a month, so I’d get 6 trays shipped to my house every 6 months. I just stack the extra trays on top of the litter box since the hood is nice and wide.

Less Bullying

Hi, my name is Ichigo, and I’m a litter box bully.

Hi, my name is Ichigo, and I’m a litter box bully.

With multi-cat homes, litter box bullying is very common. Lily and Ichigo stalk the other cats when they head for the litter box closet. The semi-transparent hood lets the cats see if the bullies are coming, so they’re not surprised by the attack. The closed sides also help the cats feel safer, since there’s only one place the bullies can come from.



Training & Health Counter

The ScoopFree Ultra comes with a health counter that tells you how many times your cats enter the box. You can reset it every day or however often you’d like. I love the usage counter for 2 reasons.

1)      It’s an easy way to tell if your cats are used to the new box. The cats became comfortable with the box in a few days. The 1st day I set up the box, the counter said the cats had been in the box 3 times, though they didn’t do any business. I reset the timer and checked it again on the 2nd day. The cats used it 7 times that day without leaving any presents. The 3rd day I finally saw some results in the box plus 10 entrances that day. The cats continued to enter and use the box more frequently over the following days.

2)      You can gauge how often your cats use the bathroom to monitor for health issues. Renji eats a special urinary food to prevent urinary crystals. Let’s say my cats enter the box 20 times a day normally. If that number increases to 30 or 40 times a day, I’d start to watch Renji closely to make sure he’s not showing any symptoms of a urinary blockage. If the cats are only using the box 10 times a day, it might be time for a cleaning.

The ScoopFree Ultra is the easiest automatic litter box I’ve used. I highly recommend it for multi-cat homes.

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