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Using Training and Enrichment Tools For More Than Just Behavior

By Jacqueline Munera   For a cat lover like me, working with shelter cats is always a risk. I thought the walls around my heart were pretty solid, but Daphne really spoke to me. She had been brought to the … Continue reading

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Gentle Leaders and Training Bras

By Michelle Mullins   One of the most common issues I hear about with the Gentle Leader is dogs don’t like to wear it. They paw at it, rub their snouts along the ground and can’t wait to get it … Continue reading

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Black Cats: Setting the Record Straight

By Mandie Sweetnam   There are so many superstitions circulating around in the world: don’t step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back; don’t walk underneath a ladder, spill salt or break a mirror. Oh, and don’t open an … Continue reading

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I Passed Calculus!

By Michelle Mullins, Training and Behavior Education Department Manager     Most of us are familiar with using positive reinforcement with our pets to teach behaviors we want, such as sit, stay and even “tricks” like roll over or shake. … Continue reading


The Keepsafe Collar

By Tenney Mudge, inventor of the Keepsafe Collar   I remember that night in the kitchen when I stroked Chinook’s thick white fluffy neck and his cosmic eyes looked back up at me.  Chinook was clown-like.  He was black and … Continue reading

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I Have A Cause

By Michelle Mullins I have a cause. Well, several causes actually, which are very important to me. I’m sure you probably do as well. I donate to my favorites, and even brought a couple of those with four legs home … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Working Dog

By Farley Hillis Ghostwritten by Deborah Hillis (aka, Farley’s Mom)   First, let me introduce myself and give you a little background as to how I came to work at Premier Pet Products. I was born about 3 years ago, … Continue reading

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The Year of the Whippet

By Carey McNamara – Brand Manager  All photography courtesy of Carey McNamara         Forward: General truths about whippets. I read several books before deciding on this breed. Here are some things I picked up: Whippets are … Continue reading

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Healing Hands Require More than Medicine

By Sherrie Yuschak RVT, VTS (Behavior) Does the veterinary technician handling your fearful or rambunctious pet know how to effectively give necessary medical treatment with as little stress to your pet as possible? He/she would if they are a participating … Continue reading

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Surviving Pet Loss

 By Janet Velenovsky National Pet Memorial Day is the 2nd Sunday of each September. This year, that happens to fall on 9/11.  As we reflect on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, most of us are revisiting periods of loss and … Continue reading

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