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I’m happily married to my dogs… errr… my husband!

By Toni Gibson-Mark, KPA-CTP I might be a little (a lot) obsessed with my dogs. They truly are the highlight of my morning, afternoon, evening and night. Most of my hobbies include them and, if I could, I would even … Continue reading

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Fur Family Meets New Family

By Toni Gibson-Mark, KPA-CTP Adding a new member to the family can be a very exciting time. Whether it be a brand new baby or a new marriage, it is often heartwarming to see families expand. While family additions might … Continue reading

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Creating a Routine for Your Pet

By Toni Gibson-Mark, KPA-CTP Changes can be pretty difficult for a dog. Believe it or not, they really thrive on routine. Waking up, going outside, having breakfast, taking a nice nap, playing with family, taking a walk, having dinner, and … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Pet Hydrated!

By Toni Gibson-Mark, KPA-CTP We’re in the middle of the summer and there is no better time to be concerned with our pet’s hydration than now. It’s hot and humid in many places around the country and our pups are … Continue reading

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Lucky Fosters: Helping Rescue Pets Through Training

By Toni Gibson-Mark, KPA-CTP As a dog trainer, I’ve seen my fair share of dogs and families that need some help.  Usually the interaction goes something like this: the owner tells me all the behaviors that they don’t like (the … Continue reading


Dog Dental Health Tips

By Toni Gibson-Mark, KPA-CTP February is National Pet Dental Month, and what an important month that is!  You might have seen lots of articles about how to brush your dog’s teeth and veterinarians running specials on dental cleanings.  The reason … Continue reading


Cold Weather Clothing for Your Pets

By Toni Gibson-Mark, KPA-CTP There sure is truth to the lyric “The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful!”  In the winter time, it is so tempting to stay indoors with our pets because it can be … Continue reading

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Pet Training Tips for the Holiday Hustle and Bustle!

By Toni Gibson-Mark, KPA-CTP It’s that time of year again!  The leaves are falling, the Christmas music has begun and the holidays are coming!  As we scurry to get our homes prepared for the holiday gatherings, it’s important to consider … Continue reading

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Treating Without Tricking Your Dog

by Toni Gibson-Mark, KPA-CTP It’s the season of treats!  Halloween is the time when people dress up in funny costumes and run around collecting all different kinds of treats.  Why do we keep doing it year after year?  Because it’s … Continue reading

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Sweet Summertime with Your Dog

By Toni Gibson-Mark, KPA-CTP The sun is shining and it’s time to get outside!  Being outside is one of the best things about the summer, and it’s definitely the favorite time of year for many of our pets!  Dogs are … Continue reading