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Sprocket man!

By Stacie Mullins “You have to come meet this dog. He would be perfect for you guys!” my sister called and said one day. Truer words were ever spoken. We adopted our Sprocket Man, as we call him, when he … Continue reading

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Landscaping by Artemis

By Michelle Mullins Many dogs like to dig; I know my Golden Retriever Artemis loves it!     Some breeds are more prone to be diggers than others but any dog might love to throw up some dirt. Digging can … Continue reading

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Happy National Puppy Day: Socialize your puppy.

By Toni Gibson, Training and Behavior Education Specialist There’s nothing that can beat the blues quite like a puppy. Just look at this face: But there is actually a lot more to puppies than little paws, scrunched faces, and puppy … Continue reading

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Training a Deaf Dog

By Michelle Mullins Training a dog takes patience and practice. Training a dog who is deaf can be even more challenging.  People often think it is too hard to train the dog or because deaf dogs startle easily, believe the … Continue reading

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Fearful Dogs

By Toni Gibson-Mark Just like people, pets are afraid of certain things.  Vacuum cleaners, swimming, veterinary offices, and more—it’s easy to see that there are certain things that dogs are afraid of.  Unfortunately, some of these things are necessary in … Continue reading

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There goes my favorite pair of shoes!

by Michelle Mullins Dogs of all ages need to chew. Chewing is an instinctual behavior and occurs for a variety of reasons. Chewing in young dogs can be prompted by teething and continue as an exploratory behavior as dogs simply … Continue reading

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Keep your pet safe during the holiday season

Pet emergencies can happen at any time; however the holidays can provide additional challenges with all the travel and festivities that accompany them. By recognizing an emergency and having a plan in place to respond you have very good chance … Continue reading

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Your training a… what?

by Toni Gibson Michelle Mullins and I are in the process of doing some continuing education to hone our clicker training skills.  Filled with more enthusiasm and excitement than we have on Christmas morning, we jumped right in.  We are … Continue reading

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My name is Sadie and I approve this message

To my fellow dogs and cats of America, my name is Sadie and I am running for President of the United States of America.  If you elect me, here are the things I would like for our future living in … Continue reading

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A Clear and Present Danger

Collar Safety Awareness for the Dogs You Love By Tenney Mudge, Inventor of the KeepSafe® Collar     Have you ever had a passing thought and asked yourself “how safe is the collar I’m putting around my dog’s neck?” Have … Continue reading

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