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Participate in the PetSafe Fit 15 Challange and Win!

The PetSafe Fit 15 Challenge is our way of encouraging active pet parents and building bonds with pets and people. Each day in January, a different challenge will be given that involves 15 minutes of exercise with your pet. Should … Continue reading

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Easy Street to Teaching “Leave It”

Written by PetSafe Trainer, Mike Shafer. Have you ever been in a situation where you were walking down the street with your dog and he stops to investigate something inappropriate? Ever try to eat a sandwich while watching TV, look … Continue reading

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Are you up for a challenge?

The PetSafe Fit 15 Challenge just began, and there is still time to join! This personal and puppy challenge was designed to get you and your dog exercising and spending quality time together. Each day we have a different, fun … Continue reading

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Introducing the PetSafe Fit 15 Challenge

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution you won’t quit in a day? Wish you could get motivated to go to the gym or spend more time with your dog? Join the PetSafe Fit15 Challenge! We’re challenging dog owners participate in … Continue reading

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Jack and Lil: Happy Howlidays!

  If your pets are anything like mine, they are spoiled during the holidays! Santa Paws was especially generous to Jack and Lily this year with full stockings and lots of presents under the tree. If you’re looking for a … Continue reading

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Holiday Pet Proofing Tips- By Amy Shojai

When holiday decorations come out, the risk of dog and cat injury goes up. Pets explore their world by tasting, sniffing, chewing, climbing and pawing objects. They can turn your celebration decor into toys or treats that hurt them or … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide

While you and the kids are tearing open gifts on Christmas morning, your pets can be, too! If you’re in need of some last minute gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. To get your pet gifts in time for Christmas … Continue reading

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PetSafe Top Topics Veterinarians Wish Pets Owners Better Understood

As a 1999 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, the past 16 years have afforded me many opportunities to witness trends of illness and wellness in my patients. Such experiences have yielded many insights contributing to … Continue reading

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5 DIY Cat Toys in 5 Minutes

Leftovers are the best! No, not the turkey leftovers in your fridge. With all of the leftover wrapping and boxes lying around from opening presents, now’s the perfect time to make some new cat toys. It’s like a second Christmas … Continue reading

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Protect your Pet from Holiday Hazards

PetSafe came out with this infographic last year around the holidays to help protect our furry friends during all of the hustle and bustle. This year this information is more important than ever. With our busy schedules, shopping, holiday parties … Continue reading

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