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Keeping Your Family Comfortable When You Travel

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist The number one material item I wanted when we moved into our new home was a large bed so that I could stretch out and rest comfortably at home. The first thing we did … Continue reading

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PetSafe® Shelter Enrichment Project

By Jim Tedford, Director of Animal Welfare Initiatives and Alliances Have you ever lost a favorite shoe or TV remote control as a result of inappropriate chewing behavior on the part of your canine best friend?  When Henry, my now … Continue reading

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Pet Tested, Owner Approved: The Train ‘n Praise

By Jessica Medlin, PetSafe Marketing Research Specialist The PetSafe® Train ‘n Praise™ is a reward system that uses a handheld remote and treat dispenser to positively reinforce good behavior at home. The Train ‘n Praise remotely dispenses dry treats or … Continue reading

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Cheers to Our Customers!

In case you didn’t know, April is Customer Loyalty Month! We aren’t one of those companies that sells a product and hopes that our customers are enjoying it; we want to make sure our customers trust what we sell and … Continue reading

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The 10 Best Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

By Jessie McDowell, Content Marketing Specialist Today is National Pet Day, and, here at PetSafe, we leave no pet holiday unnoticed. But how do you celebrate a day like this? How can you and your pet make the most of … Continue reading

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Our Customers are My Passion

By Michelle Mullins, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP As a professional dog trainer most of my clients have some training issues they are working through with their pet. I love being able to teach them foundation behaviors, like sit, touch a target and … Continue reading

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Dealing with Doggie Drama

By Jessie McDowell, Marketing Content Specialist Raising a puppy, I had daydreams of us being best friends, always together and living in perfect harmony. My puppy would walk right beside me as we strolled in the park, and I would … Continue reading


Keeping Your Dog Healthy All Year

By Jessie McDowell, Marketing Content Specialist Keeping your dog healthy often makes us think of simply taking him to the vet and cleaning his ears. Health for your pet is so much more than vet visits; it is a super … Continue reading

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Bloat: The Tale of the Twisted Stomach

By Dr. Patrick Mahaney, VMD Potential dog owners interested in adopting a large or giant pure or mixed-breed canine must make themselves aware of a severe, life-threatening ailment commonly affecting big-statured dogs. If you’ve seen the heart wrenching movie (or … Continue reading

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