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By Jim Tedford, Director of Animal Welfare Initiatives and Alliances I’ll bet most of you didn’t know that we’re rapidly approaching one of the most important days of the year when it comes to the health and well-being of dogs, … Continue reading

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Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health: Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment of Periodontal Disease

By Dr. Patrick Mahaney, VMD Although February is Pet Dental Health Month, you shouldn’t wait until this wintery month rolls around to promote your pets’ dental health. Keep your pet’s mouth healthy all year long by taking good care of … Continue reading

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What Is Your Cat Trying to Tell You?

By Roslyn McKenna, PetSafe Web Content Specialist Cats seem to have a million different meows, including “Feed me,” “Stop typing and pet me,” “I hate the dog,” and “Please let me out so I can murder that squirrel by the … Continue reading

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Roses are Red, Pet Dental Health is indigo™

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist Remember the video to “Thriller,” with the zombies wreaking havoc on the town? They were pretty intimidating other than the whole stopping to do a dance number thing. Zombies chasing me? I run. Dancing … Continue reading

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23 Years of Success to Celebrate!

By Robin Rhea, Senior Brand Manager Radio Systems Corporation began its journey to build a pet brand trusted above all others 23 years ago today! It was 1991 when our little corporation opened the doors to its office, then a … Continue reading

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How SocialPet Helped a Working Pet Parent

By Taylor Smith, Marketing Research Specialist Do you ever feel guilty leaving your pet at home while at work? If so, I can relate. Over 50% of pet owners have to leave their pets at home each day while they … Continue reading


Loving Your Furry Family Members

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist Starting a family is, well, let’s say an interesting process. Your priorities change. Your values begin to become more concrete. Everything you used to do as a routine becomes old news, as a new … Continue reading

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Indoor Training Tips for Winter

By Michelle Mullins, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP Brrrrr! It’s winter here in Virginia, and the coldest one we have had in quite some time. If you’re like us, you are in a deep freeze that keeps everyone stuck indoors watching movies, playing … Continue reading


Dogs Gone Social: My Experience with Social Pet

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist We’ve all wondered what our pets are up to while we are away. Sometimes we see evidence that they’ve been up to no good by pieces of our kitchen trash scattered around the floor. … Continue reading


GroundDog Day!

By Robin Rhea, Senior Brand Manager At PetSafe, Groundhog Day carries more meaning than a winter forecast from a woodchuck.  Our beloved CEO, Randy Boyd, once made a speech referencing the Bill Murray comedy “Groundhog Day.” If you aren’t familiar … Continue reading

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