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The World According to Cooper: Going to See Grandma

By Stacie Greene, Supply Chain Cost Manager Since I am an “only child” I am extra special to my grandparents. They don’t have any human grandchildren so they pay a lot of attention to me. I really love being the … Continue reading

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PetSafe Mutts vs Purebred Dogs

Guest post from Dr. Patrick Mahaney, VMD Do you have a pure-breed or mixed-breed dog? Is a pure or mixed-breed pooch most appropriate for your lifestyle and dog-owning desires? Some owners prefer the pure-bred dog while others gravitate toward a potentially … Continue reading

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I’m happily married to my dogs… errr… my husband!

By Toni Gibson-Mark, KPA-CTP I might be a little (a lot) obsessed with my dogs. They truly are the highlight of my morning, afternoon, evening and night. Most of my hobbies include them and, if I could, I would even … Continue reading

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Get Ready to Bark in 2015!

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist Now that we’ve had a month to recover from all of the excitement from the Bark for Your Park winner announcements, we wanted to make sure you were prepared for next year! We know … Continue reading


Jack and Lil: Ready to Rally!

By Heather Owens, Category Manager I was first introduced to rally obedience through a class offered at my training facility. After completing the set of classes, Jack and I competed in UKC rally obedience trials subsequently earning his RO1 and … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Cat Videos

We had posted a blog about our favorite videos that included some of our canine companions, and the obvious question was asked: What about the cats?! Well readers, fret no more, as we bring you the best videos featuring our … Continue reading

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Deciding on Doors

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist Fall isn’t here just yet, but now is the perfect time to start preparing for the cooler weather to move in. Making sure your pets get outside to relieve themselves isn’t always a relief … Continue reading

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Importance of Microchipping

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist Animal hospitals are filled with warm puppy kisses, kitten cuddles and lifesaving surgeries. While I managed the office side of a clinic, I still had the joy of meeting new clients and their pets. … Continue reading

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Teach Your Dog With a Treat Dispenser

By Roslyn McKenna, PetSafe® Web Content Specialist Treat training is a fun and easy way to teach your dog new tricks and obedience commands. You give a command, your pet gets a treat. Sounds easy, right? Well, sometimes it’s tricky … Continue reading

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Balancing Football Season and Your Furry Friends

By Jessie McDowell, Content Marketing Specialist Summer vacations may be coming to an end, but as school starts back, so does football season. Middle school, high school, college and professional, no matter what games you watch, your weeknights and week … Continue reading

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