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Part 2- Momma, my BFF

In my last blog, Welcome Home, Foster Babies!, I wrote about my initial experiences with foster dog, Momma, and her 7 puppies.  As I described, initially Momma was not happy with me taking her home or being anywhere near her puppies.  … Continue reading

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Part 1- Welcome Home, foster babies!

I’ve had the fortune of fostering a Momma and her 7 (yes 7!) puppies!  I’ll be describing my experiences in a series of blogs. Here’s part 1- Welcome Home! I’ve always felt fostering is something I needed to do to … Continue reading


I am proud to introduce to you: Chaos!

Let me start off by saying, my dog Sadie is a pretty well-trained dog.  I am a trainer, so Sadie and I are always working together.  She walks well on leash, she avoids problem behaviors, and we’ve got a pretty … Continue reading

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Nylon- not just for chewing!

Premier has chew replacement policy for all of our nylon products because we know: Dogs chew things Sometimes people, like ourselves, don’t pay complete attention to their dog every second   We get it, it has happened to us. The … Continue reading

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Tricks of the Trade

  If you’re a new or inexperienced dog owner, you always want to learn tips, secrets and easy how-to’s when it comes to your pets. Hey, even if you’ve had pets your entire life, it’s always fun to learn something … Continue reading

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New Dog, Busy Life

By Michelle Mullins, CPDT – KA   One of the most common concerns new dog owners have is how a dog will fit into their busy lives. While it would be great if we could all work from home or … Continue reading

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How To Make A Go Kit For Your Pets

By Jo Ellen Cimmino What is a “Go Kit” and why do I need one? A Go Kit is a mini survival kit for your pet in case disaster should strike, and you can’t access your regular supplies you may … Continue reading

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Come With Me, Kitty!

By Mandie Sweetnam       This is the time of the year when my cat, Fig, becomes more and more intrigued by the activity of the wildlife outside of our Florida room. All the birds and squirrels are moving … Continue reading

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Diabetic Alert Dogs – Training Dogs to Think!

Mary McNeight, CPDT-KA, CCS, BGS Director of Training and Behavior Service Dog Academy - Diabetic Alert Dog University -   We train Diabetic Alert Dogs.  See our recent interview on New Day Northwest! Follow us on Facebook!       Seattle, Washington has a … Continue reading


Can You Hear Me Now?

By Mandie Sweetnam     We’ve all been there or seen it. A dog owner – maybe it’s you or maybe it was someone you saw at the dog park – asking their dog to sit. It starts out innocent … Continue reading

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