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Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Kim's house!

By Kim Hollon As animal ‘people’ we encounter all manner of enthusiasm and passion as it relates to our animal friends.  We are horse people, crusaders for animal rights, staunch vegans, the dog show set, gentleman farmers and…chicken people.  Crazy … Continue reading

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I am proud to introduce- the Bark and Activity Counter!

What’s Fido doing while you’re gone?  Sleeping?  Barking at the mailman? Running from room to room?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know what your dog is up to? There have been previous efforts to figure out what dogs are up to while … Continue reading

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I choose…. that one!

Some people have leather couches.  Some have fabric couches.  Some people don’t even like couches, but prefer lounge chairs or recliners.  The point here is that we all have our preferences.  And the thing is—pets aren’t that different.  They have … Continue reading


The secrets to success in housetraining

Training your dog to eliminate outside or in an appropriate indoor area is one of the most important behaviors on an owners list. Elimination is a normal and rewarding behavior for your dog. I have to “go” is followed by … Continue reading

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"I quit!" How to save yourself and your dog from your own training mistakes

Starting a diet can be a lot like training a dog.  Sounds funny, right?  This might not seem to relate to dog training at first, but let’s explore this example.  You start your diet on Monday.  You’re excited, you stock … Continue reading

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Part 4 of the series- Welcome to the world!

This blog is Part 4 in the series that I am writing about my experience fostering a Momma and her littler of 7.  I’ve written previously about building my relationship with Momma in Welcome Home! and Momma, My BFF, and about … Continue reading

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Part 3- Puppies!!!

Puppies!  I’ve spent the last few weeks telling you about my experiences with my foster dog, Momma, and her 7 puppies.  The last 2 blogs have been about my experiences with Momma, and how I have been building a trusting … Continue reading

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Part 2- Momma, my BFF

In my last blog, Welcome Home, Foster Babies!, I wrote about my initial experiences with foster dog, Momma, and her 7 puppies.  As I described, initially Momma was not happy with me taking her home or being anywhere near her puppies.  … Continue reading

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Part 1- Welcome Home, foster babies!

I’ve had the fortune of fostering a Momma and her 7 (yes 7!) puppies!  I’ll be describing my experiences in a series of blogs. Here’s part 1- Welcome Home! I’ve always felt fostering is something I needed to do to … Continue reading


I am proud to introduce to you: Chaos!

Let me start off by saying, my dog Sadie is a pretty well-trained dog.  I am a trainer, so Sadie and I are always working together.  She walks well on leash, she avoids problem behaviors, and we’ve got a pretty … Continue reading

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