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How to help your pet have a healthy new year

By Jim Tedford, Director of Animal Welfare Initiatives and Alliances Like millions of us, did you resolve to get fit in 2013? Do you have a plan for making that happen? And what about your dogs…could they stand to lose … Continue reading

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How To Walk Your Cat: It’s Easier Than You Think

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist One of the big differences between cat people and dog people is that dog people get the experience of walking with their pet every day. Cat owners don’t get to take our cats … Continue reading


Exercise Gone to the Dogs

  By Jodi Bryson for The Dog Daily Studies show that working out with a friend increases the odds that you’ll stick with a fitness regimen. And who’s one of your best buddies, one that could probably use a good … Continue reading


The How to Guide for Hiking with Your Pets

By Laura Potts, Digital Marketing Specialist The warm weather is here, and it’s a perfect time to head outdoors. What better way to spend a beautiful afternoon than on a hike with your dog? Let me just say, I love … Continue reading


Your dog’s 2012 resolution: Help him get healthy

By Dean Vickers, Director of Animal Welfare Studies and Education at Petsafe As the New Year begins and we make our standard resolution to lose weight, let’s not forget to add our overweight pets into the plan. As reward based … Continue reading

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Shed pounds with your pet

About half of the people that made New Year’s Resolutions this year resolved to get fit. But everyone knows making a resolution is much easier than actually sticking with one. Statistically people that go on a diet plan with a … Continue reading