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Pawz Away Indoor Barrier to the Rescue

Guest post from Carrie Noar, Tales and Tails It would really be nice if all dogs came to us perfect and stayed that way, no matter how many mistakes we made with them. Unfortunately, that never happens. When you adopt … Continue reading

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Top 5 Uses for Pet Barriers

  By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist In the office, Laura and I both have dogs with very opposite personalities. Emma is a puppy who loves to hop, play, and (sometimes) cuddle. She loves everyone, and is very strong … Continue reading


Do you protect your pet from the dangerous spots in your house and yard?

By Andrick Buggs, PetSafe Video Coordinator Sometimes there are areas of your home or yard that aren’t safe for your pet, like the trash can in your kitchen, the pool out back, or the landscaping in front of your house … Continue reading

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The 5 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems: Begging

By Dean Vickers Alright, I confess my dogs are terrible beggers.  Depending on the amount and type of food being solicited, begging is really a harmless behavior.  It is annoying at times and guests aren’t always willing to overlook this … Continue reading


Protect your puppy and the potluck: Thanksgiving pet proofing advice

By Lindsey Hughes, PetSafe Content Specialist It’s almost your pet’s favorite time of year! No, not summer. I’m talking about the holiday season. With Thanksgiving feasts just around the corner, we’re sure your pal’s mouth is already watering. Just think … Continue reading