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How to train a deaf dog

By Michelle Mullins, CPDT-KA, PetSafe Training and Behavior Education Department Manager Training a dog takes patience and practice. Training a dog who is deaf can be even more challenging. People often think it is too hard to train the dog … Continue reading


Training: The investment that always pays

By Jim Tedford, Director of Animal Welfare Initiatives and Alliances Let me start by admitting that my own dogs are not the most well-behaved you might ever encounter. Hopefully they are not the worst, either. They’re just loveable, spoiled dogs … Continue reading

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First 4 Behaviors with a Remote Trainer

By Mike Shafer, PetSafe Village Trainer Using a remote trainer can be intimidating. Many people feel uncomfortable because they are unsure of exactly what to do, but with a little practice and guidance, anyone can learn to use a remote … Continue reading


5 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems: Digging

By Jim Tedford, Director of Animal Affairs and Alliances Have you ever ventured out into your backyard and found yourself impressed by the great deal of progress made in digging your new swimming pool? That is, until you realized that … Continue reading


It’s Not You, It’s Me

By Laura Potts, Digital Marketing Specialist at PetSafe Are dogs’ personalities’ nature or nurture? I used to think dogs were sweet, hyper, or ball-obsessed because they were born that way. There wasn’t much we could do to change that. That’s … Continue reading


Don’t miss out on the best in your dog: Explore life without a leash

By Robin MacFarlane, Professional Dog Trainer Ask about using an electronic collar for training a dog and you are sure to get some interesting answers. Ranging from “It is a great tool and works like an invisible leash” to “I … Continue reading


Busting 5 Remote Trainer Myths

Stuck with the negative connotations garnered from static collars from over three decades ago, some still consider modern remote trainers a taboo. However, with modern innovations and proven training techniques these trainers are extremely beneficial to you and your dog. … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Collar for You and Your Pet

No two dogs are alike, which means no two dogs learn alike. There are tons of pet training methods in the world, but what type is right for you and your best friend? From big to small, shy to stubborn, … Continue reading

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