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How to love your pet unconditionally

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Communications Specialist Oh, Valentine’s Day. It seems you either love (pun intended) or hate it. Regardless of your feelings of the holiday, you have to admit – when you have a pet, every day is … Continue reading

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How do you celebrate a fur-iversary?

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Communications Specialist I can’t believe it has almost been a year since I entered the crazy world of pet ownership on my own. Sure, I’d had family pets growing up, but there were always other … Continue reading


Thankful for dog poop

By Jon Cornwell, Point of Purchase Manager If you knew everything good that was going to happen to you before it happened, would you be thankful for it after it occurred? Or would you take for granted everything that happened … Continue reading


Breed All About It: Sporting dogs

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist What is covered in curly fur, has tons of energy, and a tendency to piddle when she gets too exited? My sweet, Boykin Spaniel Emma – of course! When I was looking to … Continue reading


Save money on pet care today!

By Jim Tedford, Director of Animal Welfare Initiatives and Alliances At the risk of exposing my advancing age, one of the songs that has a habit of sticking in my head from time to time is The Beatles, “Can’t Buy … Continue reading


Do you need a dog park?

By Jim Tedford, Director of Animal Affairs and Alliances If someone told you there is a place other than a gym where you can get healthier and happier, you would get there as quickly as possible, right? In many communities … Continue reading


Cat Therapy: Why Pets are Good for Your Health

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist There are so many reasons why cats are amazing pets. They’re the perfect low-maintenance companions. Besides giving you something to talk about at boring parties, they also give you a warm, happy welcome … Continue reading


How to Prevent Dog Bites

  By Darcy Lockman for The Dog Daily New York City graduate student Lacey Brown was walking her roommate’s German Shepherd last fall when the dog lunged and bit an elderly neighbor on the wrist. “The dog had been growling … Continue reading

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Nothing like a Mother’s Love

I’ve often been grossed out by things I see mothers do for their human children. The spit-up after a bottle or wiping the ever gooey nose usually makes me a wee-bit-queasy, and anyone I have ever discussed the matter with … Continue reading


How safe is your pet in a parked car?

By Jim Tedford, Director of Animal Affairs and Alliances I grew up in the South where heat and humidity are a way of life. Back in those days, many cars came equipped with snazzy vinyl upholstery. It looked good (at … Continue reading

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