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Grieving For Furry Children

By Sarina Lyall, LMSW, University of Tennessee Veterinary Staff Social Worker What I know, through personal and professional experience with grief, especially grief over the loss of a pet, is that we can experience a variety of feelings that arise … Continue reading

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The Worst Thing About Pet Ownership

As a pet mom, there is nothing that makes my stomachs sink faster than getting the call from the veterinarian saying there are concerns about my dogs’ health. That’s what happened last week following Lincoln’s biyearly vet visit. His blood came … Continue reading


11 Tips for Being a Responsible Pet Owner

February is “Responsible Pet Owner” month and that got us thinking: how do we view responsible pet ownership? While there isn’t an exact definition for it the America Kennel Club gives each of us a great starting point for how … Continue reading

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