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Is it all fun and games? Find out if your pet is a good playmate.

By Natalie Lester, Brand Marketing Specialist One of my favorite things about my Boykin Spaniel puppy, Emma, (and any other dog for that matter) are their constant playful attitudes. Nothing brings my heart as much joy as watching Emma hop … Continue reading


The Most Undiagnosed Reason for Behavior Problems (It’s Not Seperation Anxiety)

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist As the proud owner of a new puppy, I have been bombarded with worries and concerns about my new furry friend. I’ve done my best to find the most tasty food, teach her … Continue reading


First 4 Behaviors with a Remote Trainer

By Mike Shafer, PetSafe Village Trainer Using a remote trainer can be intimidating. Many people feel uncomfortable because they are unsure of exactly what to do, but with a little practice and guidance, anyone can learn to use a remote … Continue reading


Potty mouth: Is your pet house broken or inside broken?

By Laura Potts, Digital Marketing Specialist For me, there is nothing worse than looking down at the big, sad eyes of my dog Lincoln. But every weekday morning, that’s exactly what happens. I have to say, “You stay here” to … Continue reading


5 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems: Chasing

By Jim Tedford, Director of Animal Affairs and Alliances While it may not be the nicest way to think of our dogs, we share our lives and our homes with predators! Thankfully, most are far enough removed from their wild … Continue reading


Is Your Containment System Ready for Spring?

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist Warm weather is well on its way and for some parts of the world, it’s already here. If you’re like me, you can’t wait to get in the back yard, dig into the … Continue reading

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Training with a Tone

By Andrick Buggs, PetSafe Video Coordinator When you come home in the evenings, your dog quickly brings a smile to your face and washes away the worries of the day. Yet, after a few minutes, she starts telling you about … Continue reading


10 Translated Barks: Know what your dog is saying

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist One of the main differences between a dog and a stuffed animal is your dog’s ability to communicate with you. Just as we can form sentences and change the pitch of our voice … Continue reading


Seeing your dog with fresh eyes

By Robin Hawn, Senior Brand Manager at PetSafe A close friend recently invited me to participate in a pet painting class. The class involved bringing a photo of your dog and developing a canvas-creation of your pet’s likeness. My final … Continue reading

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

By Laura Potts, Digital Marketing Specialist at PetSafe Are dogs’ personalities’ nature or nurture? I used to think dogs were sweet, hyper, or ball-obsessed because they were born that way. There wasn’t much we could do to change that. That’s … Continue reading