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Decoding your cat’s behavior

by Dr. Arnold Plotnick MS, DVM, ACVIM, ABVP What is spraying? Spraying is the deposition of small amounts of urine on vertical surfaces. The spraying cat may be observed to back into the area, the tail may quiver, and with … Continue reading

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Spring Fever: Getting ready for “Goldilocks Season”

By Dean Vickers, Director of Animal Welfare Studies and Education at PetSafe Springtime never comes fast enough. I appreciate the sunshine and warmer temperature that offsets the lull between the winter snow and summer sunshine. My dogs, much like myself, … Continue reading

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Pet Poisons: Is your house safe?

From human food to house plants many of the items that are safe for you are deadly for your cats and dogs. Do you know if you have any of these products in your home? Human Food It may be … Continue reading

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11 Tips for Being a Responsible Pet Owner

February is “Responsible Pet Owner” month and that got us thinking: how do we view responsible pet ownership? While there isn’t an exact definition for it the America Kennel Club gives each of us a great starting point for how … Continue reading

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Keeping your pet safe and healthy during the winter month

By Dean Vickers, Director of Animal Welfare Studies and Education at Radio Systems Corporation Most of us can relate to how tough the bitter cold temperatures and frigid winds of winter are on us, but these conditions can be even … Continue reading

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Shed pounds with your pet

About half of the people that made New Year’s Resolutions this year resolved to get fit. But everyone knows making a resolution is much easier than actually sticking with one. Statistically people that go on a diet plan with a … Continue reading