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Not sure if you need an in-ground or wireless fence?
Now you can get the best of both worlds!


  • Customizable pet boundaries
  • Wireless installation
  • Rechargeable collar

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Why Custom Wireless?

Four easy reasons to love custom wireless fences

Our wireless fences have given millions of pet owners the perfect combination of features: quick installation, adjustable collar settings, trusted reliability, and and now with wireless mapping the convenience of setting exact boundaries right to your yard edges. Yard happiness is affordably yours!

  1. Easier Installation than In-Ground. No wires to bury. Start enjoying your yard with your pet in only a few hours.
  2. Fits Your Yard Perfectly..Customize boundaries around driveways, pools, gardens, and more.
  3. Less $$$, Less Fuss. Thousands of dollars cheaper than a traditional fence.
  4. Customized for Each Pet. Keep one pet in the backyard and the other in the front yard, or let both pets out in the same area.

If your yard is larger than a few acres, we recommend in-ground fences. Not sure which kind of wireless fence is right for you? Click here to compare circular and custom wireless fences.

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How It Works

Keep your pet safe in your yard without burying wires

With the Wireless Mapping Fence, you'll map your pet's boundaries by placing flags around the perimeter of your yard.

Once the boundaries are set, the transmitter sends radio signals to the receiver collar your pet wears. You'll teach your pet to listen for a warning tone or vibration as he nears the boundaries of the yard. If your pet continues, he will receive a safe but surprising static correction from the collar, reminding him to stay in the yard.

Differences Between Circular Wireless and Wireless Mapping Systems

The new Wireless Mapping Fence offers wireless installation plus the flexibility to set specific yard boundaries like an in-ground fence. Our original systems only allow for circular containment areas. Wireless mapping is the perfect way to customize boundaries in small yards.

  1. Set exact pet boundaries instead of adjusting circular containment area
  2. Program boundaries based on flag placement
  3. Create different pet areas for each pet
  4. Not recommended for use when traveling

Customizable Wireless Boundaries Mapped to Your Yard

View sample yard layouts to help you plan your pet's boundaries

Each flag must have a unique radial line to the Fence Transmitter and cannot cross over another flag or block another flag.

Give your pet full access to the yard with this layout.
Requires at least 40 programmed Boundary Flags.

Contain Multiple Pets with One System

Add an unlimited number of pets!

No pet gets left inside! Every dog and cat in the family over 15 pounds can receive signals from the same, single transmitter. Once you purchase a wireless transmitter, purchase additional wireless collar receivers for each dog or cat and it’s outdoor freedom for every paw in the family!

(Note: the Wireless Mapping Fence system is not compatible with other wireless or in-ground products.)

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What's in the Box

Everything you need to set up your fence

  • Transmitter- mount it, plug it in, and it sends the signal to your pet’s collar
  • Receiver collar- the signal warns your pet where the boundaries are
  • 130 Boundary training flags
  • Boundary programming unit and receiver mounting bracket and handle
  • Test light tool for testing the system and collar
  • Operating and training guide
  • Other necessary parts (adaptor, charger, etc.)
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