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Kennels Keep Your Dog Safe Outside

Kennels are a great way to ensure your best friend gets a few hours of fresh air and sunshine while staying safely in your yard. Our assortment of outdoor dog enclosures come in a variety of shapes and sizes for any size dog.

  • Portable & easy to assemble
  • Chain link and welded wire options
  • Rust-resistant, durable, galvanized steel construction
  • Kennel roofs, expansion panels, and food & water stations available
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Safe, Secure Containment Option

Keep your dog comfortable in the kennel

Keep your dog safe and secure in your yard while protecting him from harsh weather and other people and animals. Kennels are safer than leash stakes and tie-outs because there are no cords for your dog to get tangled in.

Have an escape artist dog? Dogs who dig in the garden or jump over traditional fences will have a hard time escaping a kennel, especially if you add a hard roof and an Anchor Kit to secure your kennel to the ground. For diggers, bury chicken wire 1 foot deep below the kennel, or put the kennel on a hard surface he can't dig out of.

While your dog is enjoying extra outdoor freedom, make sure he always has access to:

  • Fresh water to prevent dehydration
  • Shade from the sun
  • Shelter from  rain, hail, and snow
  • Toys for enrichment and entertainment

Choosing the Right Kennel

Chain Link or Welded Wire

Welded wire panel kennels are the easiest to set up. Simply attach the kennel sides and gate with the provided clamps. Chain link kennels require a little more assembly time, but they're easier to break down and move or ship.

Kennel Size

When choosing a kennel, the bigger, the better! The more room your dog has, the less likely he is to get bored and start barking. Make sure your dog will have enough room to lie down, play, and walk around. Leave enough room for a water bowl, bed, and toys too.

Set up Your Chain Link Kennel in Just a Few Hours

View a step-by-step setup tutorial

Time: 1-2 Hours
With just a ½ inch socket wrench, pliers, and a friend you can set up your kennel and have it ready for your dogs to get the safe, outdoor play time they need. Don't worry, we'll walk you through it!

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4 Steps to a Contained Pet

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