Safety Notice About Counterfeit Harnesses

Dear PetSafe Customer,

It has come to our attention that counterfeit products are being sold as the Easy Walk® Harness. They are not genuine PetSafe products, and the inferior quality of the material could allow your dog to break out of the harness.

All purchases made online at are guaranteed to be genuine PetSafe products. If you purchased your Easy Walk from another online site or reseller and suspect your harness is counterfeit, compare your product to the images below and contact Petsafe Customer Care at 866-738-4379 if you determine your product to be counterfeit.

We take your dog's safety seriously and are working to have these counterfeit products removed.


The PetSafe Brand

The Packaging

How it Opens

Genunine PetSafe versions always open from the front, while counterfeit versions will open from either the front or the back.


PetSafe Genuine Packaging


Counterfeit Packaging

Quality of Paper

The counterfeit ucard is printed on thin paper, which can cause gaping when inside the clamshell packaging.



Paper Quality Comparison

UPC Sticker

Genuine PetSafe versions have a UPC sticker on either side of the package, or printed on the back panel. Counterfeit versions have a UPC sticker on the bottom of the packaging.


Genuine PetSafe UPC Sticker


Counterfeit UPC Sticker

Date Code Sticker

Genuine PetSafe versions have a horizontal Date Code Sticker. Counterfeit versions have a vertical Date Code Sticker.



Date Code Sticker Comparison

The Product


Genuine PetSafe versions have black fabric tags with size and the PetSafe logo, while counterfeit versions have no tags.



Tag Comparison

Constructions, Materials, and D-rings

Counterfeit versions use much cheaper nylon and stitching, with un-snipped thread ends, and also have a larger D-ring leash attachment than the genuine PetSafe version.

D Ring Comparison 1
D Ring Comparison 2

Buckle Placement

Genuine PetSafe versions have buckles on the right-hand side, while counterfeits have buckles on the left.


Counterfeit Buckle


Genuine PetSafe Buckle

Buckle Construction

Counterfeit buckles are also much thinner and not as strong as genuine PetSafe versions.

Buckle Construction Comparison

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