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  • Pets want gifts, too!

    The holidays are almost here. Are your pet’s gifts checked off your list?

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Save Your Decorations

Don’t let your pets help you decorate. They’ll play with the ornaments and they can’t be trusted with wreaths. Keep your pets out of the way with pet proofing sprays, mats, and barriers.


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Pets Love New Toys

The kids get to open new toys and gadgets, but what about your dog? Give him a Busy Buddy chew toy and he’ll be busy for hours while you open presents, take a nap, and cook your holiday meal.


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Watch your pet’s face light up when he sees that new toy and bag of treats.

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Teach your pet better holiday manners with clickers, treat dispensers, & pet barriers.

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You’ll actually want to go out in the cold with our no-pull harnesses & comfy sweaters.

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Laser pointers, treat dispensers, and electronic doors for the tech-savvy pet owner.

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Smell the Difference with a Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Pine needles. Gingerbread cookies. Hot chocolate. The scents of the holidays shouldn’t include your cat’s litter box. ScoopFree automatically sweeps away your cat’s waste so you don’t have to scoop it. The crystal litter destroys odor, keeping your home clean and fresh. Your cat will love having a clean litter box, and your guests will thank you too.


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3 Simple Steps for a Fresh Box

Load it

Lift the box and slide in a disposable litter tray. The trays are filled with crystal litter that reduces odor 5x better than traditional litter.

Leave it

No scooping needed! ScoopFree automatically rakes waste into the covered trap, so you can leave it alone for weeks at a time.

Toss it

Every few weeks, throw away the old tray and replace it with a new one. Get new trays automatically with the new autoship subscription service.

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Santa's Little Secret to Perfect Pet Behavior

The holidays shouldn't be the only time your pets know if they've been naughty or nice.
Remote treat dispensers let you teach your pets better behavior anytime.



Train n’ Praise™ Treat Dispenser

Training has never been easier! Teach your pet basic obedience commands like Sit, Stay, and Place. Press the remote to give your pet a treat and reward good behavior.



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Social Pet™ Camera & Treat Dispenser System

Know a friend who misses their pet during the day? Social Pet combines a treat dispenser with a web camera to check on your pet. Use the Facebook app to watch video, share photos, and treat your pet.



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Potty Training System

Have a puppy who needs to be house trained? Continue his potty training even when you’re away. Your pet automatically gets a treat when he uses the pee pad instead of your carpet.



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The Best Bowl on the Block

Keep your pet hydrated during dry winter weather. Your cat’s new water fountain will have her drinking more than ever. Choose from 3 festive colors!

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Does your daily walk feel like you're racing a sled dog? The Gentle Leader® Headcollar stops your dog's pulling. Stress-free walks are the best gift from your dog!

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