PetSafe® Collars

Electronic collars for barking, training, & containment,
plus traditional & martingale collars for safer walks.


Bark Collars

Keep your dog from barking with Spray, Static, Ultrasonic, or Vibration collars.

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In-Ground Fence Collars

Add extra pets or replace the collar for your in-ground fence.

Starting at:$81.95
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Wireless Fence Collars

Add extra pets or replace the collar for your wireless fence.

Starting at:$94.95
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Remote Training Collars

Teach your dog obedience and stop misbehavior. 2-dog training with select collars.

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Martingale Collars
& Safety Collars

Make walks safer with martingale and safety snap collars from Premier.

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Pawz Away®
Pet Proofing Collars

Add extra pets or replace the collar for your Pawz Away indoor or outdoor barrier.

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Extra and Replacement Fence Collars

Let all of your pets enjoy more outdoor freedom. Replace your pet's current collar or add as many pets as you need with collars sized for each pet. We’ve even got collars designed just for small dogs, stubborn dogs, and cats. Check the compatibility of each collar with your current system.

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Extra and Replacement Remote Training Collars

Train 2 dogs at once! Venture, Elite, Vibration, and Yard & Park remote trainers let you add an extra collar for a second dog or replace your dog's current collar. The transmitter switches easily to 2-dog mode.

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Bark Collars Keep the Peace

Teach your dog when he needs to be quiet with a bark control collar. Your dog wears the collar, which gives a gentle, consistent correction each time he barks. You’ll have a quieter dog in no time!

  • 4 different correction types
  • Easy to use- no programming required
  • Surprising correction is safe and gentle
  • Perfect Bark™ technology- only your dog’s bark causes a correction

Have multiple dogs but only some of them “talk” all the time? An ultrasonic bark deterrent will activate when any dog barks, meaning when one dog barks, all of your dogs will hear the harmless but annoying tone.




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Extra/Replacement Collars

Looking for an extra collar but not sure which one you need? Browse all spare collars in accessories.

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Replacement Collar Straps

Find spare collar straps in different colors and lengths to update your current receiver collar.

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