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  • Wireless Mapping Fence

    Freedom and flexibility in one wireless package.

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An afternoon to install. A lifetime to enjoy the yard together.

Keep your dog in your yard with the Wireless Mapping Fence. Set your pet's yard boundaries in only a few hours, then start training your pet to stay within those boundaries. Have multiple dogs? Choose which areas of the yard each dog can play in. Your pet can enjoy yard freedom, and you can rest easy knowing he's safe. Yard happiness is affordably yours!

  • Covers yards up to 1/2 acre
  • Rechargeable collar fits dogs over 15 pounds
  • Thousands of dollars cheaper than a traditional fence
  • Installs in 2-4 hours with no wires to bury
  • Customize boundaries to exact yard edges
  • Flexible layouts even for narrow lots or homes close to neighbors
  • Set different boundaries for each pet

Fits Your Yard, Your Pet, & Your Budget

If you don’t have the time, space, or budget to build a traditional fence, the Wireless Mapping Fence is an effective, affordable way to keep your dog in your yard.

Better Than a Traditional Fence

Even the most basic chain link or wooden fence costs thousands of dollars, and there's still a risk of your dog escaping. With wireless fencing, you can keep your pet in your yard without changing the view or breaking the bank.

Customized for Your Yard

Choose where each pet can go in your yard. Give your pet free roam of the whole yard or just the back or front yard. Let one dog play in the backyard and another in the front yard, or let both pets enjoy the same area.

Customized for Each Pet

The rechargeable collar has 5 different static correction levels, so each dog gets just the right amount of correction. Add an extra receiver collar for each dog. Charge both collars at the same time in only 2-3 hours.


Setup Video

A step-by-step guide to planning and installing your Wireless Mapping Fence.

How It Works

Set up the transmitter in your home. Map your pet's boundaries by placing flags around the perimeter of your yard. The system sends a radio signal to create a hidden boundary around your yard.

Fit the rechargeable receiver collar on your dog. When your pet reaches the boundary, the receiver collar gives a warning beep before delivering a safe static correction.

Train your dog to stay in the pet area. The boundary flags show your dog where the boundaries are. The collar’s warning beep reminds your dog to stay within the boundaries. Train your dog in short, fun, 15-minute sessions over the next 2 weeks.


Planning Your Yard Layout

Each flag must have a unique radial line to the Fence Transmitter and cannot cross over another flag or block another flag. View sample yard layouts below or learn more about how to plan your layout.

Give your pet full access to the yard. You can also use this layout on narrow lots without side yards.

Requires at least 40 programmed Boundary Flags.

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