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5 Things Your Vet Wants You to Know
By Gretchen Statz

Your pet can't talk, but your vet can. Over my 15 years of experience, I've come up with a few things I wish I could've said to every pet owner.

Stop Your Dog’s Snacking from the Litter Box
By Amy Shojai

Is your dog into "recycling" your cat's poop? Stop the litter box grazing with these 11 simple steps.

6 Litter Box Problems and How to Fix Them
By Amy Shojai

Once you know why Kitty snubs the box, use these tips to return him to litter box allegiance.

Birds Gotta Fly, Dogs Gotta Dig
By Tony Johnson

With the right mix of proper training, boredom-busting activity, and a little patience on your part, most dogs will learn not to dig.

Help Prevent Animal Cruelty
By Jessie McDowell

How can you help prevent cruelty to animals?

Protecting Your Plants From Your Cats
By Stacy Hackett

Is your cat a "leaf nibbler"? Or a "dirt digger"? Learn how to deal with any kind of plant-hating cat.

Safe and Secure: The Right Fence for Your Dog
By Tony Johnson

As an ER vet, I've seen too many dogs injured or killed because of improper fencing. Which fence is best for you and your pet?

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