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Cats, Pregnancy, & Toxoplasmosis

By Denise Piaskowski

Litter boxes can be a threat to pregnant women and people without healthy immune systems. Toxoplasmosis is a common topic when discussing cats and women who are expecting, but there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Some pet owners are afraid of keeping cats in the house with a pregnant woman, when really you just need to be aware of some steps to take to keep mom healthy while she's pregnant. Let's get some facts straight about what causes toxoplasmosis and how you and your cat can stay healthy.

What is Toxoplasmosis?

Toxoplasmosis is caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii and is the reason behind pregnant women being told to avoid cat litter boxes. This parasite can cause severe diseases in pregnant women as well as people with suppressed immune systems. People can come into contact with this parasite by eating raw or undercooked meat, touching the feces of an infected cat, or transferring from infected mother to child.

How do cats carry Toxoplasmosis?

Although other animals can...

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Puppy Obedience 101

By Mike Shafer

Have you ever wished your dog would be more obedient? Or that he would just do some of the basics that other dogs can do? Well, with a little guidance and some consistency, you can have Fido honor-roll-ready!

What Kind of Cat Parent Are You?

By Jessie McDowell

Do you have long conversations with your cat? Try to do activities together like yoga? Check out this "crazy" cat mom. I bet you'll have a lot in common.

Black Tie & Tails Gala Raises $45,000 for Canine Cancer Research

By David Haworth

Knoxville put its “best paw forward” on Saturday, August 8, when PetSafe held its 4th annual Black Tie and Tails Gala benefiting Morris Animal Foundation’s fight against canine cancer.

How Well Do You Know Your Dog?

By Justin Young

We often rely on our dog's body, ears, and tail to interpret how he's feeling. But a smile or wagging tail does not always mean your dog's happy. Knowing how your dog communicates will keep you and your family safe and lower your dog’s stress.

Water Is a Must for Every Dog

By Mike Shafer

At last, summer is in full swing! Lake days, vacations, and day trips with the kids are all now the norm. And the best part is that so many places are now dog friendly so you can bring Fido along. With all of this extra time, activity, and heat we must keep one thing in mind: hydration. This goes for both two and four legged family members.

Stop Your Cat from Being a Bully

By Suzanne Hetts

Conflicts among family cats, in my experience, are second only to litter box problems as the most common behavior problem in cats. Sometimes the two are related. Understand your cats' behavior and needs to help your kitties get along better.