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How Much Is Too Much Barking?

By Audrey Pavia

You come home from work and find a note on your door from your next-door neighbor. Your dog has been barking all day and driving him crazy. How do you know if your neighbor is just being too sensitive, or if your dog's barking is excessive? Isn't barking normal for a dog?

Yes, barking is normal. So normal, in fact, it's rare to find a dog that doesn't bark. Certain breeds, like Samoyeds and Basenjis, don't typically bark, but most other breeds and mixes of breeds are very good at vocalizing when the mood strikes. To know if your dog is barking excessively and possibly for the wrong reasons--from a human perspective, that is--it's important to understand why dogs bark.

The Roots of Barking

While most canine communication comes in the form of body language--tail wagging, snarling, lying belly up--dogs use vocalizations to get their point across too. Dogs typically bark to defend their territory, when they are playing, or when they are anxious. They often bark to alert their human pack...

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How to Fit the Easy Walk® Harness

By Toni Mark

Taking the time to fit the Easy Walk® Harness properly in the beginning is time worth spending.

Safety Indoors and Out with Pet Doors & Wireless Containment

By Tony Johnson

Really, a pet door is freedom. And if pet doors are freedom, then a wireless containment system is peace of mind. Put them together, and suddenly, you've got more than you expected and the world is a better place, and full of benefits for you and your pets.

Dealing with Door-Dashing Cats

By Amy Shojai

Providing a dog door works great to offer your canine companion access to his outdoor toilet when you can't let him out. But how do keep the cat from using the same door?

Seizures and Epilepsy: What Are They & How Are They Treated?

By Tony Johnson

In 18 years of veterinary ER work, I've dealt with a lot of scared people. But some of the most frightened pet owners that I can remember are those who just witnessed their dog (or, rarely, cat) have their first seizure.

Dogs in Politics

By Justin Young

It’s been said that being the president of the United States is the world’s toughest job. With so much pressure, a president deserves a genuine friend who is always happy to see them and offers a listening ear, unconditional love, and a wagging tail at the end of the day.

Keep Your Deaf Dog Safe

By PetSafe Guest

To begin, I’d like to say emphatically that living with and training a deaf dog isn't harder than with a hearing dog, it's just different, primarily for us. For deaf dogs, especially for those born deaf, it's just life as usual.