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anxious dogs

Help Your Dog Cope with Anxiety

By Amy Shojai

There are many reasons dogs becomes anxious. Even confident, well-adjusted dogs may suffer from anxiety from time to time. Anxious behavior during new experiences is perfectly normal but overly anxious dogs become miserable and their behaviors may be challenging for their people.

Why Dogs Become Anxious

Anxiety can arise from one initial scary experience, and thereafter, similar situations "remind" the dog of that feeling or experience and ratchet up the anxious feeling. For instance, the puppy's first car ride to his new home or the vet clinic, partnered with an upset tummy or scary handling by strangers, can thereafter cause the dog to feel anxious around cars.

Feeling anxious easily turns into a vicious cycle in which the dog's anxiety increases with each repeat of the circumstance. He "remembers" feeling upset, expects to feel bad, and when he does, that reinforces his...

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are dog collars safe

Collar Safety Awareness Week

By PetSafe Guest

Help spread awareness of collar incidents during Collar Safety Awareness Week October 19th-25th. Dogs and pet parents everywhere will thank you!

dog collar accidents

Protect Your Dog from Collar Accidents

By Toni Mark

Over 26,000 dogs suffer collar-related injuries each year. Prevent playtime, yard, and everyday choking hazards with a safety collar.

dog collar safety

Collar Safety Awareness Starts with You

By PetSafe Guest

Learn how to keep your dog safe from collar accidents with stories of dogs who suffered tragic or near-misss collar accidents.

diy cat ideas

DIY Simple Life Hacks for Cats

By Jessie McDowell

Check out these DIY cat-friendly upgrades that make it easy to take care of your cat. Learn how to easily make your own hidden litter box or repurposed crate cat bed.

calming toys

Helping Anxious Dogs with Toys

When your dog's home alone, does he relax and sleep on the couch or does he stand vigilantly by the door and bark at every little noise? Calming toys have been proven to reduce stress in anxious dogs. Find out how to keep your dog calm and entertained while you're away.

in ground fence installation

How Do You Install an In-Ground Fence?

By Justin Young

Have you been thinking about installing an In-Ground Fence™ system at your home? Wondering how difficult it would be? The fall may be your last chance to install your system before winter weather. Follow these 4 basic steps to install your new fence.