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Latest Posts

Help Prevent Animal Cruelty
By Jessie McDowell

How can you help prevent cruelty to animals?

Protecting Your Plants From Your Cats
By Stacy Hackett

Is your cat a "leaf nibbler"? Or a "dirt digger"? Learn how to deal with any kind of plant-hating cat.

Safe and Secure: The Right Fence for Your Dog
By Tony Johnson

As an ER vet, I've seen too many dogs injured or killed because of improper fencing. Which fence is best for you and your pet?

Training Your Cat to Use a Containment System
By Roslyn McKenna

Can you train your cat to stay in your yard? You bet! Let your cat explore the yard safely with an in-ground cat fence. Follow these easy steps to train your cat in as little as 2 weeks.

Kitty, Let Me Sleep!
By Stacy Hackett

It's 2 A.M. and you're fast asleep when your cat jumps on your chest and meows in your ear. Why has your cat decided that now is the perfect time to wake you up? And how can you make sure he doesn't do the same thing tomorrow night?

First Aid FAQs for Pet Emergencies
By Tony Johnson

Emergencies with pets happen every day, and being prepared is important. How do you make a first aid pet kit? When should you go straight to the vet? Learn more from Dr. Tony.

How to Train Your Pet to Use a Containment System
By Jessie McDowell

Follow these 5 easy steps to teach your pet to stay in your yard. Boundary training is fun and easy with 10-minute training sessions every day for 2 weeks.

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