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How to Choose the Right Trainer
By Four Paws Handbook

Sometimes you need to leave it to the professionals. When you're not sure of the best way to train your dog, make sure you pick the right trainer or behaviorist.

5 Reasons to Stay Out of the Pet E.R. This Summer
By Tony Johnson

Watch out for the top 5 summertime threats to your pet that I have seen and treated in my 17 years as an emergency vet.

In Harm’s Way: The Story of Shadow the Injured Police Dog
By Tony Johnson

Find out what happens to Shadow the canine cop when he's shot on the job and Dr. Tony's team does everything they can to save him.

Stop the 77: What Your Dog Is Really Thinking
By Michelle Mullins

Are you a doggie mind reader? What's your dog thinking when you kiss him on the cheek or pet his head? You might be in for a surprise.

Keep Kids Safe Even with the Dogs You Know
By Michelle Mullins

77% of dog bites to kids come from a familiar dog. Do your children know how to stay safe around dogs?

Join the Stop the 77 Campaign to Prevent Dog Bites
By Michelle Mullins

77% of dog bites to children come from the family dog or a friend’s dog. Let's turn that 77 to 0!

How to Help a Fearful Dog
By Meredith Stepita

What is your dog trying to tell you when you reach for his head and he leans away or pulls his ears back?

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