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Dog on Dog Aggression

Dog on Dog Aggression

By Caryl Wolff

You're walking your dog, and he is loosey-goosey, smelling the ground, taking in the scenery - until he sees another dog. Then bam, he's barking and lunging on a leash, catching you off guard.

Why does this happen, and how can you fix it?

How to Help a Fearful Dog

By Meredith Stepita

What is your dog trying to tell you when you reach for his head and he leans away or pulls his ears back?

Canine Aggression towards Strangers

By Julie Albright

What’s behind a dog’s aggression to visitors and unfamiliar people outside the home?

How to Socialize for the Dog Park

By Michelle Mullins

Is your dog ready for his big day at the dog park? Teach him good park manners with these socialization steps.