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Pet Parenting Articles

Pet Articles

Hydration Month Is Back

By Jessie McDowell

Learn how to keep your pet healthy & hydrated.

Keep Kids Safe Even with the Dogs You Know

By Michelle Mullins

77% of dog bites to kids come from a familiar dog. Do your children know how to stay safe around dogs?

Help Prevent Animal Cruelty

By Jessie McDowell

How can you help prevent cruelty to animals?

How to Train Your Pet to Use a Containment System

By Jessie McDowell

Follow these 5 easy steps to teach your pet to stay in your yard. Boundary training is fun and easy with 10-minute training sessions every day for 2 weeks.

Training Your Dog with Treats

By Jessie McDowell

It's easy to teach your dog new tricks and better obedience with treats. Just give your dog a treat when he does what you want and add a command.

Fresh Facts about Pet Dental Health

By Jessie McDowell

How much does a pet teeth cleaning costs? Do you know all of the signs of periodontal disease? Save money and save your pet's teeth with these facts about dental disease.

Walk Your Dog: 14 Health Benefits of Walking

By Jessie McDowell

Need some motivation to walk your dog? Check out these great health reasons to walk your dog.